About Chindy ET

Chindy is a dedicated,discipline and high qualified English teacher. She has been teaching English students for kids, teens and adults. She is now a member of English Today’s tutors and she’s teaching business English to Employee even Board of Director. Teaching English has been her passion since she was in college. She endeavors to create warm and friendly learning nuances in order to motivate her students to learn English. She also uses a lot of interactive teaching methods such as group discussion, role play and games. She applies 80:20 teaching method that enables her student to improve their English skills as well as enhance her students’ confidence to speak in English. The most important thing to her is to help her students to reach native-like English proficiency.

October 2018

English Course: Employees Class


English Course: Employees Class Do you want to speak English fluently? Basically, becoming fluent in English is quite easy to be achieved. However, is mastering General English already enough to fulfil your needs in career and business? The answer is no. This is because there is Business English in which you learn English that [...]

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