English Today Bangka Belitung has been holding an English training program for Bangka Teachers, This training program was initiated by the Governor of Bangka Belitung province,Mr.Erzaldi Rosman Djohan.  Here is the report of teacher training program from one of English Today’s teacher in this program :
The Teachers Training Programme for English Teachers at Bangka has finally come into action. This Teacher Training Programme will focus on the three points mentioned below :
  • Teaching Methodology

  • English for Tourism

  • Enhanced Regional Pride

It will be held for a period of about 6 weeks. The first day of training was on the 26th of  October, and it will be a memorable day for me as well.
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Before the training could start, I asked all the teachers what did they think about being chosen for this training, and most of them didn’t  seem to be very keen on attending this training, as they thought it would be the same usual boring trainings. Some of them even told me ” our weekends have gone now”.  So then I realized that I needed to show them what the point of this training was. I also realized that they needed motivation as well.
So then I began…
During the first day we focussed on Introductions and greetings.  Teachers were taught how to introduce themselves in different situations.  There was a lot of role play, and seems the teachers had fun. Then, I wanted to correct the ” common mistakes”, and it seemed that they were shocked realizing that they had been pronouncing many words incorrectly.
Once they were getting used to my style of training, I thought it would be the perfect time to share stories and motivate them.  When this topic started, I started to see a different look on their faces, and knew that this is what had been missing all this while. So, I finally decided to share my own story with them, and at the end, everyone seemed to be speechless.
They finally knew that the way to enjoy your job and life starts by changing your mindset.
So, we came to the end of the first day…
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On the second day of training, I saw the teachers with a much happier look on their face, and they were ready for more.  The second day I focused on manners, as I have noticed during the past few years that many people are highly educated, but still lack good manners.  I thought the teachers should know about that, as they need to teach the students good manners too.
Next I moved on to a game of words. The game is called ” stop the bus”. This was to show the teachers how to increase the students’ vocabulary without forcing them to memorize everything.
Later during the day I showed them a slide show. I also showed them two short motivational clips, and seems they were inspired by those people.  At the end of the day, I asked the question again..” so what do you think about this English Training now?”
And this time I got different answers. . .
Some said I’m so glad to be chosen to join this training, some said ” I wish all our trainings could be this much fun”, and some said ” we wish the weekend comes sooner, so we can have more  sessions like this.”
The next day was supposed to be a free day for me, and I didn’t know what to do…
Luckily, a plan suddenly popped up, the great Governor asked me to join him to visit a new place, as he wanted me to learn more about bangka, and the traditional food and culture there. That was a day well spent.
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Finally, on Monday, the 29th of October, it was time for me to visit schools for observations. I visited 4 schools, observed the teachers, and also spoke with the students for a few minutes. It was another great day. Overall, I can say that I had a great weekend Training Teachers at Bangka, and I’m looking forward to meeting them again this coming weekend.
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