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Business English Report Writing Course is designed for professionals from a wide range of fields in business, commerce and administration who need to read and write reports in English. It is suitable for intermediate to upper-intermediate learners.

The course is in sequence therefore should be worked through from the beginning to the end. The course teaches the skills of report reading and writing using a system of organization applicable to any native speaker report writer. Thus the unit headings reflect the logical steps in writing a report, from ‘Collecting the information’ through to ’Summarizing’.

The underlying methodology of the course is that the students should be presented with task-oriented activities that are both challenging and authentic in the field of business.

Using this approach, the student is taken through the following stages in each unit:

  • He or she is forced to read and think about the content of the report or extract.

  • He or she has to think about the structure and organization of a report.

  • He or she has to think about the language used to express the content.

  • He or she has to apply this knowledge to the skill of writing a report.

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