Our laser targeted Business English Series covers a broad topic range with a focus on English Communication Confidence!

So exactly how can English Today help you ‘amplify success’ within your professional life? The answer – by learning Business English through programs that have been specifically designed around your personal ambitions and career path.

Corporate Climbers

If you are part of a multi-national organisation, company, hotel or hospital, then these courses are definitely for you.

General Business English

These lessons are designed around a wide range of relevant situations that you might experience in your day-to-day working life.

English Negotiation Skills

Hold your own in those all important negotiation meetings. This course is packed full of confidence building, fast track learning strategies.

English Presentation Skills

Become a dynamic presenter! Students, administrators and executives of all levels – rid yourselves of ‘stage nerves’ forever!.

English for Business Reports

Are you in export, finance, marketing, personnel and production etc? Do you read and write business reports? This course is for you.

English for Oil & Gas

A specifically engineered course to help you to expand your English vocabulary for use at work in the oil and gas industry.

English for the Energy Sector

This course will equip you with the necessary linguistic skills to help you to understand and talk about daily situations within the Energy Sector.

English Sales Skills

A soft skill program to improve sales team results. The focus: communication, relationship building and selling psychology.

Telephone Communication Skills

A course suitable for handling office phone calls, customer service or sales departments calls, and even call centres.

Sales & Purchasing Skills

A program designed for people who need to communicate effectively using English with International clients and colleagues.

English for Handling Complaints

Being able to handle complaints effectively requires exposure to a wide variety of situations and a lot of practice. His course has it all.

English for Banking & Finance

Ideal for students of Economy and all Banking personnel such as Bank Managers Auditors, Consultants, Financial Directors and Brokers.

Information Technology Skills

This course aims to teach students English language skills that are relevant to the computing and information technology sector.

Customer Service Skills

Hands on experience is a great way to learn fast, it’s the focus of this course which is designed for customer service staff.

English for Legal Professionals

This course has been designed to teach you the English language skills needed for discussing matters of law in a business environment.

English for Law

A program designed for students who are planning to take a law course, either entirely or partly using the English language.