Are you looking for a great and fun English course in Bangka?

Good news! English Today is now available in Bangka to give you the best experience of enrolling in a premium quality English course. We provide English lessons for employees, managers, board of directors and civil servants. Read up on this article to discover the interesting courses we offer at English Today Bangka.

Dozens of Practical English Training

At English Today Bangka Belitung, we provide a variety of applied English training in support of your progress in career, academic and business. Some of our fine-tune English training include the following:

English Camp    

If you want to learn English in a different way, this program will be the perfect choice for you. Now, you can learn English intensively while being surrounded by a magnificent scenery. Get all the benefits in just one English training program only at English Camp from English Today Bangka Belitung. Even two of the government institutions have entrusted us to provide the training sessions. Here are some of the visual documentations of our English Camp program:

Presentation Skills

Get over your nervousness to deliver an English presentation with the help of our professional English tutors only in our Presentation skills training from English Today Bangka Belitung. Impress your audience with effective presentation skills by enrolling in our courses at English Today Bangka Belitung.

Effective Meeting

This program was specifically designed for those of you who often participate or even conduct business meetings in English. In this training program, you will not merely learn how to speak English fluently but you will also learn and acquire cross-cultural understanding and international business ethics.

Our Excellence

We always provide time and opportunity for each of our course participant to improve their speaking skills in every English program that we conduct. It is our excellence that you wouldn’t find in any other English language courses. Even if you take an English training about email effectiveness with us, you will still be able to improve your English skills.

Private English Course in Bangka

Besides in-house company English training, we also provide private English course in Bangka for those of you who are willing to get applicable learning materials and spend less money on transportation to learn English. In addition, you can choose the location, your learning schedule, and even your private English tutor (native or local). Contact us now to get consultations regarding our private English classes.

Online English Course in Bangka

We also provide online English course in Bangka. We offer two different programs:
  1. VIP Skype/Zoom

This program is designed to help you acquire English skills according to your needs whether it be business English, conversational English, or General English. You can enjoy this program by investing IDR 1 million*. Our professional online English tutors would be delighted to help you to attain native-like English proficiency.
  1. Connected General English

This program is the perfect solution to improve your writing, speaking, listening and reading skills anywhere and anytime with only IDR 1 million/4 months investment.
For more details about our online English lessons, click the link to visit our website

Stages of Consultation with English Today

If you’re interested to join a course at English Today, there are a few stages of consultations. These stages are essential to inform you of our standard and to ensure you understand the benefits that you will get if you entrust English Today Bangka Belitung as your English training provider. We offer a premium quality and the best experience of learning English to meet the needs of our customers and achieve the utmost result of our English training programs. Here are the stages of consultation with English Today Bangka Belitung:

Level System at English Today

Before students participate in our English class, the most crucial step that has to be done is taking a placement test to determine the suitable class level. The class level helps teachers to adjust the materials so that the students will be able to participate and get along with the lessons presented by our English teachers. Here’s a scheme of our level system at English Today Bangka Belitung:

Learning Method at English Today

The main feature of English Today is our dynamic and effective English learning method. We use a different method from the conventional English learning method that you received school or university; in fact, our learning method is the inversion of the conventional English learning method or a method that is commonly used by other English language courses.
Here’s a scheme of a conventional English learning method and our English learning method at English Today Bangka Belitung:
This method is called ‘ reverse 20-80’ which means, the portion of our English teacher to talk and explain the material is only 20% of the total learning duration and the 80% is the time for students to speak and apply the learning materials. The effect of this method has been proved by more than hundred thousand of our English course participants nationwide. This method allows every participant to speak English naturally and confidently because in every session, our English tutor will give the opportunity to each participant to show their English speaking skills.
Join us now and start speaking English today only at English Today Bangka Belitung. For more details, contact us at (021) 2977 1550 / +6221 292 36998 or visit