English Today is a movement that attracts the elite teachers from all around Indonesia and our Bogor Branch is no exception. A-Grade trainers = A- Grade results
English Today is a movement that attracts the elite teachers from all around Indonesia and our Bogor Branch is no exception. A-Grade trainers = A- Grade results
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Are you looking for the Best English Course Bogor has to offer?
English Today Bogor has everything YOU need!

English Course in Bogor

Do you find it difficult to find the suitable English course in Bogor for you? In order to get the simple solution, let’s consider the following points and we’ll tell you the solution.


Perhaps it is not easy to reach the location of your desired English course. In the middle of a bunch of traffic jam, or difficult access to public transportation to the course, it might waste a lot of time, energy and money to reach the location of your desired English course. With those obstacles, you might be reluctant to learn English at the English course.


Everyone agree that time is the most important asset that we have. In 24 hours, you have to manage your time to work, rest, socialize with your friends and spend quality time with your loved ones. You wonder do I still have time for self-improvement. How can I spend time to go to an English course without forsake much time for other important things? 

Learning material

You probably have ever tried to learn English at an English course but it hasn’t given you the result that you were expected. You tried to stay in that course but you’re bored to learn English from books and grammars. You feel that you require an English training program which will enable you to maximize your skills in business and career but you still haven’t found the right place to support that goal.


You’re looking for an English teacher who would like to provide you with real-life examples of English and not merely teach you theory, theory and theory. You’re looking for an English tutor who truly understands your strengths and weaknesses in English and would totally help you to improve your writing, speaking, listening and reading skills.  

 Tuition Fees

You need to manage your financial budget meticulously. Your income and your expenditure have to be balance and used effectively and efficiently. You have to be 100% sure that your investment in English learning won’t be in vain and the best investment for your future. You want to choose English materials that will tailored in your suit perfectly. 


Do you feel you’re not confident enough to be in English course with a lot of strangers? You feel a little bit uncomfortable to learn English intensively with strangers. You prefer to learn with your colleagues where you can support each other learning process to improve English skills.
If you have experienced one of the above points or even all of the points mentioned above, we have the solution for you. English Today is now available in Bogor to give you the best experience of participating in English course in Bogor. We have dozens of English experts both native and local who would be delighted to help you to enhance your communication skills in English.

Our English Learning Programs

There are multiple choices of English learning programs that you can choose according to your needs plus flexible learning schedule. Some of them are:
  • English Camp
  • English for Legal Professionals
  • English for Banking & Finance
  • Sales & Purchasing Skills
  • Online English Course on english-today-online.com
  • TOEFL/IELTS Preparation
  • Private English Lessons
For more information, visit www.english-today-indonesia.com or call our number (021) 2856 5313

English Teacher in Bogor

For Ms.Putri, an English teacher in Bogor the most important thing in teaching English to her students is to fully comprehend strengths and weaknesses each of her students and to encourage active learning activities. Here’s our complete interview with her:

English Today Online

The most effective way to speak English with confidence is direct practices. Do you remember when you were learning English at school? You can learn the most difficult grammar in English, you can learn to memorize every single word in English but without practicing those things, you won’t be fluent to speak in English.

Learning English is like body shaping training at the gym, you won’t get the ideal body shape if you come to the gym once a week. When you’re learning English it has to be the part of your daily life to get the maximum result and be more confident to speak in English and there’s no other way but practice speaking in English daily. With only one hour per day of practicing to speak in English, you will be able to be a fluent English speaker.

Business English

English Today has informative and friendly teachers, they also are mastering teaching methods that enable us to understand the materials and they truly understand what I need in learning English besides the materials were arranged accordingly and easy to understand.


Business English

General English

Corporate Climbers

English Today Online

IOM choose English Today from the tender because of their teachers’ CELTA Cambridge English literature and linguistics qualifications which were very impressive. We were so happy with English Today that we signed seven contracts over a 9 month period. These included TOEFL training, Business English, General English and Essay Writing. We highly recommend English Today.
Albert Harmono, International Organization for Migration (IOM)
We sponsored a friend from Lombok to take a 3-month hospitality English course with English Today. ET took the time to understand what we actually wanted to achieve from the course and providing a number of solutions. incredibly flexible in making time to understand what we actually wanted to achieve from the course.
Daniel Butt, Leighton Contractors
English Today is a great solution for me to enhance my English. I have more confidence when I have to meet my clients from Singapore and Australia because now I can speak English fluently. I took English For Business Class with Matthew was a teacher. Thank you ET!
William Gunawan, WitieStudio Website Solution
English Today has provided Lotte Mart Indonesia with both native and Indonesian teachers. Mr Matthew taught me private conversation lessons, during which he became my friend, not just my teacher. I highly recommend English Today to anyone wishing to improve their English
Mr Moon, Lotte Mart Indonesia President

About the Author:

Ms.Kiky adalah seorang guru yang berdedikasi tinggi dalam profesi yang telah di gelutinya selama 10 tahun belakangan ini, diawali dengan mengajar bahasa Inggris untuk anak usia dini ( playgroup) sampai dengan usia dewasa ( adult learner) di English First (EF) selama 2 tahun. Kiky adalah guru yang sangat energetik, sabar, menyenangkan dan mampu melihat potensi setiap muridnya dengan baik sehingga murid dapat berkembang sesuai dengan kecepatannya masing- masing. Selama bergabung dengan English Today, Ms.Kiky telah banyak mengajar murid dari berbagai corporate business industriesseperti perbankan, IT, e-commerce,telekomunikasi, institusi pemerintahan, dll. Metodologi pembelajaran yang di yakininya adalah, dengan memberikan lebih banyak kesempatan murid untuk berlatih berbicara bahasa Inggris, maka otomatis mereka akan memiliki kemahiran yang lebih baik dalam berbicara bahasa Inggris, karena itu Ms.Kiky selalu mengajar dalam suasana role playing, presentasi bisnis, tanya jawab, diskusi dan banyak kegiatan aktif dan interaktif lainnya, selain itu baginya,menciptakan suasana belajar yang nyaman,hangat dan akrab bagi para peserta didik terbukti mampu meningkatkan kemampuan komunikasi bahasa Inggris para muridnya. Ms.Kiky juga adalah co-host dari fitur podcast di English Today, dimana Ms.Kiky berkolaborasi dengan Mr.Gio berdiskusi dalam bahasa Inggris dan fokus dari podcast ini sendiri adalah untuk memberikan kesempatan untuk murid mengembangkan kemampuan bahasa Inggris mereka melalui mendengarkan diskusi topik yang menarik sehingga mereka bisa belajar mengekspresikan diri dalam bahasa Inggris sehari- hari. Belajar dengan Ms.Kiky tidak akan terasa seperti belajar dengan guru, melainkan dengan teman, dan murid akan merasa sangat nyaman berbagi apa yang ada dipikirannya dan juga belajar mengkoreksi diri tanpa merasa malu karena Ms.Kiky percaya bahwa tanpa kesalahan, maka tidak akan ada pembelajaran.
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