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Do you always have the desire to speak English? Do you often think that English course materials are difficult? Are you confused and unsure about the choice of English courses in West Jakarta? Have you ever imagined an opportunity that could happen to you if you could speak English? Do you know what happens to your brain when you learn a language?

We all know that physical exercise is important, but do you give equal attention to your brain? It should be so! Research shows that learning a language, like English, is a form of overall exercise for your brain. Here are the reasons:
  • Learning a language, like English, makes the size of certain parts of the brain bigger. These include the hippocampus, a structure in the brain that helps us process new information, tells us where we are, helps us follow directions on maps, and helps us find routes in foreign environments.

  • Learning a language makes your brain work better. This trains the performance of your brain. As certain parts of the brain develop, the connection between your brain’s structures increases – making brain tissue more efficient which helps the learning process faster.

  • Learning a language helps you get better test results. People who can speak more than one language tend to do math exams, read and vocabulary better. They also have sharper memory, such as in learning a list and sequence.

  • Learning a language makes you better at making decisions. Research shows that people who learn multiple languages ​​have a greater possibility of making better decisions. They tend to be more responsive to the surrounding environment, so that they are better able to distinguish important or misleading information.

  • Learning a language helps maintain your mental health for longer. Learning other languages ​​can keep you from dementia or Alzheimer’s. Research has shown that language learning has more benefits in slowing down the process of memory loss compared to one’s level of intelligence or education level.

  • It is never too late. Positive developments that occur in brain function and your mental intelligence, which are the results of learning a language, can occur and be felt at any age. You are never too late or too old to start learning a language.

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