English Courses East Jakarta

Looking for English Courses in East Jakarta? Do you live or work in Matraman, Pulo Gadung, Jatinegara, Duren Sawit, Kramat Jati or the surrounding areas? Do you want to learn English but have difficulties adjusting your work schedule to do an English course? With Jakarta’s terrible traffic, finding a suitable English course can be very challenging.

Do you feel frustrated with your level of English? So stressed since it is so difficult to find a solution? I have great news for you! English Today provides both online and offline classes, and our job is to help you get better results in less time, while you enjoy the learning process. Here are some reasons people cannot develop their English speaking ability quickly resulting in English learners feeling stressed due to unachieved goals:

  • Not enough time to attend class

  • Classes are too expensive

  • Teacher does all the talking

  • Tried to study by themselves but got stuck and needed help

Now, I want you to imagine that you had enough time to attend class; classes weren’t too expensive; you got a lot of time to practice your English conversation abilities; and when you studied by yourself there was always someone you could contact to get assistance. How would your life be different?
At English Today Online this can become your reality.

  • You only need two 1-hour sessions per week online.

  • Classes are not too expensive, we have small group public classes ,and there are only 4 people in each class. Ask for a FREE trial and see for yourself.

  • We use the Reverse 80/20 teaching method to allow you to speak 80% of the time.

  • Once you join English Today you will get your teacher’s WA number and if you have any questions, just ask.

  • No time or distance to get to the location of learning and you can even adjust the lessons according to your needs.

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Private Offline Classes

English Today has trainers who understand your needs and can help you achieve your targets without struggle. We come to you. You don’t need to worry about cost. You may incur a slightly higher fee for the class that suits your needs, but you don’t need to spend anything for your own transportation. The fees charged will certainly be appropriate for your needs that are met and the additional benefits received.So what are you waiting for? Contact our education consultant at:+622174860977 right now to discuss your learning goals. See you in class!

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