English Language Course for Employees

Need help in English? Looking for an English language course for employees in your company? Don’t panic – we can help. English Today provides fun, communicative & skills-oriented English language courses with experienced teachers and the best native English teachers.
  • E-mail Effectiveness

  • General Business English

  • Excellent Telephoning

  • Report Writing Excellance

  • Bahkan Business English Series

Benefits of English courses at English Today

Method of English Today

English Today teachers are experts and experienced in creating a fun but meaningful classroom atmosphere, communicative classroom activities – making each course session always interesting to follow. Students are given 80% of each course session to practice and use English actively.

Specialist English course service providers for business people and large companies

Experienced for teaching more than 100 companies in Indonesia – we really understand how to teach English for adulthood with a variety of activities and challenges at work. We are oriented towards skills & communicative course methods for maximum results. Some English Today clients who take English courses for employees include PT. Djarum, Traveloka, Kapal Api, BCA bank, Mandiri bank, Gojek, Lazada, and many more.

Learn comfortably in your office

Study in your office without having to move anywhere! Yes! English Today sends the best teaching staff to teach in your office – saving time and money.

Customized course material

Course materials offered by English Today are tailored to your company’s needs, ranging from improving presentation skills, business conversations, negotiations, English to customer service, writing emails in English, etc. Whatever your English language course needs for your employees, we make sure English Today provides targeted and applicable materials for your company’s business.
Private Bahasa Inggris
No need to spend excessive funds to get the best English language course for employees in your company – English Today offers quality English courses at competitive costs. Contact us at (021) 2856 5313 to get more complete information and the best offer, or send your email to contact@english-today-indonesia.com.
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6 Tips for Mastering English

With countries becoming more multicultural, the desire and need to speak English has never been this big. However, while many people want to speak English, traditional teaching methods make people lose faith and the majority give up even before trying because the process is long, tedious and difficult. Learning English doesn’t have to be like that!

About the Author:

Yustika has been teaching Business Report Writing for more than 3 years. She believes the most effective way to help the students to attain native-like English proficiency is practice, practice and practice. During her career, she has been acquiring a lot of experiences in teaching to motivate, to cultivate students’ interest toward English and to give insight about English to her students. She often conduct students evaluation and introspect herself in order to be better English teacher and give her students the best English learning experiences.
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