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Are you looking for an English language course in Bangka?
Congratulations! You have found the right article that gives you the easiest solution to your every obstacle in learning English, that is English Today Bangka Belitung. In this article, you will learn more about our courses and why you should trust us as your English training provider in your city!

English Teaching Method at English Today Bangka Belitung

Are you bored of learning English from merely written exercises? At English Today Bangka Belitung, we continuously use the most modern and revolutionary English teaching method. This is what happens in our classes: you will not only learn English through written exercises but we also will guide you to attain confidence and excellent English speaking fluency. These are qualities that you wouldn’t find from any other English language courses. You will also learn English in the most interactive way possible, through fun quizzes, interactive role plays and group discussions that will enhance your understanding toward the learning materials. Here’s the scheme of our English learning method:

Ineffective Traditional Teaching Method

Teaching Method English Language Course Bangka Belitung

‘Reverse 20-80’ English learning method has been proven as the most effective learning method and the most advanced English teaching method.  The participants will be ‘forced’ to speak English confidently without being afraid of making mistakes or worrying about the grammar accuracy when they speak English. This method has enabled our course participants nationwide to achieve native-like English proficiency. Are you interested to prove the effectiveness of our English learning method? Don’t hesitate to sign up for an English class with us at English Today Bangka Belitung now!

A Wide Range of Relevant English Programs

At English Today Bangka Belitung, we genuinely understand the importance of having excellent English skills in support of your business and career improvement. Therefore, we provide a wide range of relevant English programs to guide you to upgrade your business and career to the next level. Some of our practical English training include:

Online English Training in Bangka Belitung

We provide online English training in Bangka Belitung for you who are willing to get high quality English programs at the most affordable price. We have two varieties of online English course:
  1. VIP Skype/Zoom

This program was specifically designed for those of you who want to learn English interactively via Skype or Zoom. Our English tutors in this program are professional English teachers who have been teaching English for years. Moreover, we also apply an effective English teaching method in this program. With IDR 1 million* investment, you can enjoy the benefits of fine-tuned English programs. Sign up for our online English class now: www.english-today-online.com
  1. Connected General English

This is a perfect choice to improve your English skills with ease, anywhere and anytime with an affordable price and international standard English learning materials. We offer special price starting from IDR 1 million/packet. Register now: www.english-today-online.com


Customer Service Skills

Be a professional customer service officer and acquire excellent telephoning skills according to the global standard with the assistance of our professional English teachers in this training program. You will be taught how to handle international calls excellently and you won’t be nervous or hesitant when you receive an international telephone call.

Information Technology Skills

If you’re running a business or working in Information and Technology industry, then this is a perfect English training program for you. Our English tutors will equip you with magnificent understanding about vocabulary, terms, phrases and grammar that are used in Information and Technology sectors. Learn technology skills only with us at English Today Bangka Belitung!

English for Tourism

To help improve the tourism in Bangka Belitung, we provide a special training program for those who are working or running a business in the tourism industry. Increase the foreign visitors to your place with marvelous English skills through this training program.

Private English Tutor in Bangka Belitung

We also provide the best experience of learning English privately with an intensive program in Bangka Belitung. Tell us your location, your learning purpose, your learning schedule, your chosen private English teacher (native or local), and we will bring our private English tutor right to your place to help you master English. Don’t hesitate to consult us about our private English lessons.

Steps of Consultation with English Today

If you are interested to join our English class, here are the steps of consultation with English Today that need to be done in order to ensure that you will attain your learning purposes and that our course design perfectly suits your needs. Take a look at the scheme below:

Stage of Consultation English Course Bangka Belitung

Don’t waste your time! Join us now at English Today Bangka Belitung and get all the  benefits of our high-quality English courses. For more details about registration, fee, and location, call our number (021) 2977 1550 / +6221 292 36998 or visit www.english-today-indonesia.com



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