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Do you need to choose an English training provider, who provides fun, interactive and interesting English Language Courses for Employees? Or perhaps you are looking for private or small group lessons for yourself. If your answer to one of the questions above is yes then you have found the right website.English Today deserves to be your number one choice when it comes to English training provider for employees or private and small group classes. Read on this article to find out why English Today is the perfect fit as your English training provider.

4 Reasons to Learn English with English Today:

  • Reverse 80/20 English learning method

    At English Today, we apply the Reverse 80-20 as our learning method. This method is based on proven language learning principles from Cambridge University

    Most traditional English training providers spend 80% of the valuable class time focused on theory and not enough time on speaking practice. At English Today we reverse this ineffective trend by focusing 80% class time on making you the learner speak. Practice makes perfect and how can you become a great English speaker without practice right?

  • Internationally Recognised English Trainers

    English Today use pro-hire with teacher recruitment, this means that we don’t hire fresh graduates but only experienced and qualified English trainers who have proven themselves in well known English training centres. We also choose teachers with experience and understanding on Indonesian culture.

    All of our English trainers have completed CELTA certification (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) from Cambridge University or an equivalent qualification such TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

    Check out this interview with ? To learn about our recruitment process.

  • Customized English Learning Materials 

    One of the benefits of hiring teachers with Internationally recognised qualifications and experience is that English Today can customised your learning materials to make them more relevant to your needs.  We can design your English learning materials to meet your business and career expectations from negotiation skills, effective presentation, e-mail writing skills, and much more.

  • Online English Training 

    We also provide online English training for those of you who would like to learn English via Zoom. You can choose online private lessons or small group online public classes. Get better results in less time and make new friends online


English Language Courses for Employees

Lembaga Kursus Bahasa Inggris

Seorang mahasiswa S1 dari sebuah universitas ternama hendak melanjutkan studi S2nya di Inggris. Setelah membaca persyaratan-persyaratan yang dibutuhkan untuk memasuki universitas tersebut,ia menemukan bahwa salah satu syaratnya adalah dia harus mendapatkan skor tinggi dalam tes kemampuan bahasa Inggris (IELTS).Karena ia sangat ingin masuk ke universitas tersebut,ia memutuskan untuk mencari lembaga kursus bahasa Inggris yang dapat membantunya untuk lulus dalam tes tersebut. Akan tetapi,dia bingung untuk menentukan pilihannya. Apakah anda mengalami situasi serupa?
Baca Lebih Lanjut