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What are the costs of a bad presentation?
• Projects abandoned
• Products or ideas left unsold
• Being underestimated by your colleagues and potential clients
What are the Personal Costs ?
• Personal embarrassment
• Missed career opportunities, the list goes on.
Now imagine that you have mastered the art of becoming a powerful and effective presenter. What would be the result for you or your company if your projects, products and ideas are sold and accepted? What would be the result for you if your colleagues and potential clients finally realized your true value and true potential?
Contact English Today to learn the secrets to becoming a powerful presenter and an effective narrator.
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Are you ready to transform your presentations and unleash your potential

Joe is an outstanding trainer who has helped transform some of Indonesia’s highest profile leaders in their English public speaking ability by training them to harness and deliver messages and ideas with passion and confidence.

2 Simple Steps That
Guarantee Audience Attention


Develops Your Public Speaking Skills and Deliver Successful and Professional Presentations.

  • Plan a dynamic presentation

  • Effectively structure a presentation

  • Create powerful openings and memorable closings

  • Develop dynamic delivery techniques

  • Present information accurately

  • Create powerful visuals

  • Clearly and persuasively convey ideas and suggestions

  • Connect and link concepts and ideas

  • Interact confidently and develop a rapport with the audience

  • Develop techniques to confidently handle audience questions and feedback


Great Presentations and Fantastic Speakers

  • Features of an effective presentation

  • Characteristics of a great speaker

  • Topic Selection

The Introduction: Creating and Delivering a Powerful Introduction

  • Features of an effective presentation.

  • Importance of a strong Introduction.

  • Opening with a bang – techniques for powerful introductions

  • Opening Visual Aids

  • Delivery Techniques I

The Main Body: Putting it all Together

  • The Main Body – A monster or a mouse?

  • Main Body Framework and The Importance of ‘Power Planning’

  • Content Sections

  • Grammatical Structures according to the content

  • Topic Vocabulary – Professionalism and knowing your audience

  • Power Language – Choosing language to achieve objectives

  • Transitions and Linking Devices

  • Bridging Techniques

  • Mind Mapping – Mapping out the contents

  • Core Visual Aids 

  • Five Sense Gimmicks

  • Performance – Interacting with the audience

  • Delivery Techniques II


The Conclusion: Creating and Delivering a Memorable Closing

  • Characteristics of a great speaker.

  • Framework and supporting language

  •  Creating brand and product memories

  • Closing with a bang

  • Closing Visual Aids

Question and Answer

  • Q&A – The Sudden Striker

  • Communication Strategies – Clarifying, rephrasing, delay and avoidance

  • Thanking the audience

  •  Interaction Techniques

Final Presentations and Peer Evaluation

Happy English Today Clients who have followed our professional Presentation Training Workshops

What Our Clients Say About Us on Linkedin

Erwin Hendrawijaya
Senior Officer Human Resources at The ASEAN Secretariat

Mr. Mathew and English Today’s team (Ms. Amber and Mr. Joe) have delivered a great Writing Skill training for our staff, and participants were satisfied on the contents, design, delivery method, as well the trainer. The training was tailored to our needs and it was delivered in a joyfully serious way. Thanks English Today and MindPlus Training”

Samuel Christoper
Talent Relation Officer at PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk.

It was both a challenge and a pleasure to work with English Today as a corporate company. However, Mr. Matthew was very cooperative in solving issues to benefit both parties. The teachers deserve compliments since they teach with passion, skills, and very customer-oriented. Hope there will be another chance to join their class.

Albertus Prayudi
Business Director at NeoLight Media

Matthew and English Today successfully created an active, exciting and interactive English training classroom for our project in IOM and Imigrasi TimTIK. The training proofed to be very useful and enticing student to be brave in doing English conversation that we extended the training to be about 4 terms.

Vindi Ledys Ihsanda
Competence Development Analyst at Ministry of State Owned

When you’re looking for something different to understand English, you may find Matthew and his ET team. We had the situation that will make ourselves keep coming to the class and enjoy the session every minutes.

Juvelia Neviandini
HR Organizational Development at The ASEAN Secretariat

We were very happy with English Today’s professionalism in delivering a professional writing workshop. I would recommend contacting Matthew and using English Today’s services in the future.

Book Your Ticket Now and Save up to 50%
Book Your Ticket Now and Save up to 50%