English private tutoring

We believe that to learn English, the most important thing is to use the language more. All classes in English Today can be adjusted, so you can use the language more than you are in the group class. It also helps the teacher to focus on what you need to learn.
Do you need more practice in speaking and writing in English? No problem, we can tailor your course to give you your needs. Our private lessons are the most suitable choice for you with specific needs / targets and that prioritize schedule flexibility.
English Private tutoring: how to get maximum benefits with the cost you pay.
Taking English private lessons can help improve your language skills, but you need to have clear and measurable goals.
If you are considering applying for English private lessons, the tutor you choose must have good knowledge and experience of English and your learning goals according to your relevant needs and choices.
If you are serious about learning English, whether from the beginning or to develop the skills you have, private tutoring can be the best way to progress. Consider the following four suggestions to help you make the best and profitable investment possible and.

Think about what your goals are

Goal setting is very important when learning a language. This can help you decide whether private lessons are really the most suitable choice for you.
If you feel you need a more comprehensive application concept and understanding, as well as more structured and customized guidelines from experienced tutors, you will not get this from your Language study friends or the evening class courses that you follow with many people who have different needs. A good way to think about your personal goals is to examine the Common European Framework of Reference for languages. This can now be applied to more than 40 languages, and helps you reflect on your goals based on your skills and abilities. You can ask this to your tutor.

Choose the right tutor

It’s not a bad idea to arrange trial lessons with new tutors. Good teachers must know their language as a whole, and be able to explain it, but not to the degree that they blind you with jargon and are not sensitive to your language learning background. Not everyone knows what a non-defining clause is, for example; a good teacher will present it in context, and check how far you understand by using well-prepared examples.

Have an idea of what you want to cover

After choosing a tutor, think about what you want to learn/ focus on. A good way to do this is to think about what will help you achieve your goals, and your tutor must help with this; if you want to be able to converse with people using various forms of correct grammar, for example, not only do you need to understand tenses, but also how they appear in conversations and how to respond.
Likewise, if you want to improve your listening / listening skills, what do you want to listen to? Would it be more useful to listen to audio related to holidays, basic conversations, regional accents or business meetings, for example?
Many students prefer to leave it to the tutor to decide, but the more you know what you want and need, the more likely the tutor will find material that really interests you. If you are considering a tutor, he must have good knowledge and experience about your goals and interests.

Create a study plan

If your tutor doesn’t give you homework, ask. Maximize your chance to practice as often as possible because you deserve it at the rate you pay. Find friends to practice English, do a short vacation, find an English community in your city, or even ask friends to help you if you make a mistake.
Last but not least, be brave when asking your tutor to correct your mistakes when using the language. Good teachers must do it automatically, either directly or by encouraging self-correction. If you feel like you have been left and your mistakes are not corrected, ask if what you say is true. Error correction is a big part of language learning, and should not be ignored.

English private lessons

If you need an English language tutor, English Today is here to help you. English tutors design programs individually to complement students’ specific needs / goals, with coverage for additional training as needed. Tutors are chosen based on their academic background, skill levels and experience, personality, manner, motivation and reliability.

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