English Instructor in Bangka

Mr. Edi, an English instructor in Bangka would like to share his experience and positive changes in his career with the help of English Today’s teacher training. What are positive impacts and benefits that he enjoy during the training and after the training?  Here’s the complete interview of our team with Mr. Edi.
ET            : How did you feel to be the participant in this training?
Mr. Edi   : I felt so honored to be the part of our governor, Mr. Erzaldi’s initiative to improve English education quality in Bangka Belitung.

ET             :  What was your first impression on this program?
Mr. Edi    : To be honest, before the program started, I thought that it would be like other teacher training program that I’ve ever joined. However, it turned out that this program was completely different and totally amazing!
ET              : What made it different and amazing?
Mr.Edi     : Our instructor, Mr. Mark is a witty instructor and energetic. He knew how to deliver complicated materials to be readily understood by all of the participants, including me. He turned our mindset to be full of positivity like never before. He made us realize that we have to be proud of our occupation as English teachers, one of the noblest jobs in the world. He taught us with interactive methods such as games, group discussions and role plays. I was aspired to apply the same English teaching methods in my class.

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ET             : What were positive changes that happen in your class when you applied interactive teaching methods?
Mr. Edi   :  My students became more enthusiastic even looking forward to learn English with me. They vocabulary improved rapidly and I am happier to do my job as a teacher more than ever. I found out how to promote our tourism through social media platforms. Thanks to English Today Bangka Belitung and local department of education and culture for conducted not only a teacher training program but also an English for Tourism training which enabled us to acquire more knowledge in teaching and tourism development. I would like to recommend teacher training program conducted by English Today Indonesia to enhance English teachers’ competency throughout Indonesia.

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