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Are you looking for a private English teacher in Banjarmasin? Do you need to improve your English but don’t feel confident yet?  Ms. Lita is one of Banjamasin’s most qualified English teachers. Look through the following interview to know more about Ms.Lita and her experience teaching in Banjarmasin:
ET: How long have you lived in Banjarmasin?
Ms.Lita: I’m actually a native of Banjarmasin, however I have taught with English Today in both Jakarta and Surabaya for about 4 years in order to gain knowledge about its Reverse 80/20 teaching methodology
ET: What do you like most about teaching English?
Ms.Lita: Teaching English enables me to teach students from various backgrounds with different personalities. One of the most impressive students I have ever taught was actually a 51 year old student who showed tremendous enthusiasm to learn English. He learnt English from a very basic level until he could speak English fluently and confidently. He is in fact one of Banjamasin’s current political leaders.
ET: What do you find most challenging about teaching English and how do you overcome it?
he most challenging thing is motivating students with diverse characters. This is a major component in English Today’s internal teacher training program – with its unique English Today teacher training method – and we overcome this challenge by creating a comfortable and fun learning environment through activities such as games, group discussions and quizzes.
ET: As we know, speaking is the biggest issue for most English learners in Indonesia. As an English teacher, what are practical measures that you apply to your class in order to boost your students’ speaking skill?
Ms.Lita: I usually provide my students with role plays and give them topics they can use as conversation starters and then they can choose topics freely and start a conversation with their friends using their own chosen topics. Remember, practice is always much more valuable than theory.
ET: Is there any activity that you give to your students to sharpen their critical thinking skills?
Ms.Lita: I conduct English debates for my students. Besides improving their speaking skills, this activity also enables them to enhance their critical thinking while expressing reasons for those opinions.
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Ms. Lita and Bukalapak employees

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