English Teacher in Depok

English Today’s teachers are carefully selected based on qualifications , experience and most importantly passion. You can select your favourite teacher to train you! We only choose teachers we believe will give you better results in less time while making sure you enjoy the learning process. In this interview Mr. Yudi , who has more than 20 years teaching experience, explains that English has to be mastered through daily practice.

You worked at English First Depok as Director of Studies , What made you leave that job and join English Today: Different jobs give us different challenges. It also exposes us to different work environments. I guess my real passion is in the classroom among the students, not filing paperwork. The chance to progress in different managerial and leadership roles was also another reason why I left the job.

English Today has a very different business model than EF. English Today is more like a platform that gives teachers the opportunity to promote and express their personalities. The platform gets stronger when more and more superstar teachers join us and it all begins to feel like we are Manchester United recruiting star football players haha.

Why did you choose teaching English as your career? To be honest, it was an accident. But I have tried other jobs and I enjoyed this the most because I like to meet people. In addition , I don’t like to work in one room for too long and teaching gives me a chance to travel, going to different places and teaching gives me all I want from a job.


How long have you been teaching English?I have been teaching English for 21 years. Right, 21 amazing years

ET: What do you like most about teaching and giving training? I like the different environments and approaches needed. Though the materials may be the same, with different participants it will be a different experience. In short, I never get bored in a class.

What do you find challenging in teaching and how do you overcome it?Having no motivation to study is the biggest challenge. Another one is no opportunity to use the language. The rest is about mastering each skill which really depends on the participants’ needs. I give goals to the participants, either a short or long term goal. Then he/she will be more motivated. I share ways on how the participants can use the language. The internet has opened up ways that have totally moved beyond the conventional. Using mobile phones can also provide chances to practice different skills. For each skill, a different situation is needed and a different approach.



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