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If you want to enrich your knowledge in English, this English teacher in Bangka would like to help you. Let’s get to know more about Mr. Pramana, our valuable teaching member at English Today Bangka Belitung with reading throughout our interview with him:
ET: How long have you been teaching English?
Mr. Pramana: I have been teaching English for 15 years.
ET: What make you interested in teaching English?
Mr. Pramana: Because I wanted to share my knowledge to my students and help them to apply moral values in their lives.
ET: What do you like most in teaching English?
Mr. Pramana: I can talk, listen and discuss about a lot of things with my students and I can also share my thoughts with my working partners. Basically, I can interact with a lot of people.
ET: What are 3 keys to master English?
Mr. Pramana: First things first, we have to be confident to start speaking English and enjoy the learning process. Because if we don’t enjoy the learning process, it will be difficult for us to attain excellent English proficiency. Therefore, as an English teacher I always make sure that I make a fun and interactive English learning module for my students. Second, we have to enrich our vocabulary at least learning 5 vocabularies per day. Last but not least, we need to read a lot of English comics, novels, articles or book reviews in English.
ET: Apa saja kesulitan dan kendala yang pernah anda hadapi sebagai pengajar bahasa Inggris dan bagaimana anda mengatasi kesulitan tersebut? What are challenges in teaching English and how did you overcome those challenges?
Mr. Pramana: I usually have to face with less confident students. They tend to be afraid when I ask them to speak in English and I tried to overcome this issue with encourage them to pay attention while I explain the lessons and practice English conversations with their friends.
Are you interested to learn English with a professional English tutor like Mr. Pramana? Don’t hesitate to call our number (021) 2856 5313 and join us at English Today Bangka Belitung.

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Lita an energetic and committed qualified teacher with a lot of business English experience. She has gained extensive experience in developing students' knowledge, skills and attitudes. Lita always strives to provide effective courses that involve students and accelerate learning. Lita uses kinesthetic, visual and hearing approaches to make the process of learning English become interactive and interesting.
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