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For Ms. Fitri, an English teacher in Cibubur the most important thing in teaching and training her students is to create fun&supportive learning environment. How she pursue fun& supportive English learning environment? Here’s our complete interview with her:
ET              : Why did you choose to teach English?
Ms. Fitri   :  Because I like to learn English since I was a little girl and as the time goes by, apparently English is not easy for most of people. So, I thought it’d be great if I can share my knowledge and help others to communicate in English.
ET              : How long have you been teaching English?
Ms. Fitri   : I have been teaching English for approximately 13 years.
ET              : What do you find as the most challenging thing in teaching English and how did you overcome it?
Ms. Fitri   : The challenge that I face frequently is how to enhance my students’ confidence to speak English. Because most of them are afraid due to the lack of vocabulary or they’re afraid to be mocked by other students if they pronounce certain words incorrectly. In addition they’re older than me. I strive to overcome this challenge by creating fun and encouraging learning environment to make significant progress particularly in their speaking ability.
ET              : What do you like the most in teaching English?
Ms. Fitri   : What I like most in teaching English is the challenge to innovate unceasingly to discover the best teaching method for each student. It’s quite satisfying for me when I succeeded to find the best teaching method for them.
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ET              : You’ve ever taught English at Wall Street, one of famous learning centers in Indonesia. What made you decided to join English Today?Ms. Fitri   : I join English Today because it gives flexible working hours and enables me to have more experiences to share my knowledge to employees at prominent companies in Indonesia.
ET              : As we know, speaking is the biggest issue for most of English learners in Indonesia. As an English teacher, what practical measures that you take to overcome this issue?
Ms. Fitri   : The most important thing to know : Speaking is entangled with active listening skills. Hence, I always provide my students with activities and practices to enhance their active listening skills such as case studies.
One of the keys to master English successfully is to get training and practicing with professional, student-oriented and creative English teacher like Ms. Fitri.



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