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This English teacher in Cirebon is not merely skillful but she is also a good listener and she unceasingly helps her students to improve their English skills and boost their confidence. Please scroll down until the end of this article to find out more about Ms. Aulia and her dedication in teaching English:
ET: How long have you been teaching English?
Ms. Aulia: I have been teaching English for approximately 7 years.
ET: What do you like most in teaching English?
Ms. Aulia: I believe that teaching English is both a science and an art. It is also a way of making a difference in the lives of others. It is the shaping of minds and the shaping of brighter futures. Teaching English enables me to help my students to expand their point of view and overall, adding beauty to their lives.
ET: What do you find as the most challenging thing in teaching English and how did you overcome it?
Ms. Aulia: The most challenging thing for me is how to teach my students to think in English. Because they tend to translate word per word when they speak in English or write in English. Luckily, I could overcome this issue with group discussions, get the students to learn English phrases instead of single words, and get them to practice new vocabulary in every session.
ET : As we know, speaking is the biggest issue for most of English learners in Indonesia. As an English teacher, what are practical measures that you apply to your class in order to boost your students’ speaking skill?
Ms. Aulia:  Most of them are a little bit afraid to speak in English due to their lack of vocabulary. I tried to overcome this challenge with vocabulary booster games such as stop the bus, hangman and words jumble.
ET: Is there any activity that you give to your students to sharpen their critical thinking skills?
Ms. Aulia: Yes, I usually provide my students with interactive games such as ‘Keep it Real’ and ‘fish bowl’
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