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If you need guidance from an English teacher in Gorontalo to communicate with English, this figure is the right person. She is Ms. Tasya. She has been teaching English for 5 years at English Today Gorontalo. What kind of teaching methods that she used? Read thoroughly our interview with her:
 ET               : How long have you lived in Gorontalo?
Ms. Tasya  : I have lived in Gorontalo for 3 years.
ET               : What do you like most in teaching English?
Ms. Tasya  : I think teaching English is a noble job. Working as an English teacher enables me to participate to educate our generations to be better individuals. These are things that make me love my job.
ET               : What do you find as the most challenging thing in teaching English and how did you overcome it?
Ms. Tasya  : To be honest, at first the challenging thing for me was how to motivate less enthusiastic students to learn English. I endeavored to overcome this challenge by creating supportive learning environment and give my students some motivation and inspiration to learn English passionately.
ET               : As we know, speaking is the biggest issue for most of English learners in Indonesia. As an English teacher, what are practical measures that you apply to your class in order to boost your students’ speaking skill?
Ms. Tasya  : I provide my students with games and activities that “force” them to speak in English. One of them is I will ask them to describe an object that I gave to them for 2 minutes.
ET: Is there any activity that you give to your students to sharpen their critical thinking skills?
Ms. Tasya  : I created interactive activities. One of them is body sculpting. This activity is proved to be an effective way to enhance their critical thinking skills significantly.
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