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This English teacher in Padang has good classroom management skills. He can ensure good student behavior, effective study and work habits, and an overall sense of respect in the classroom. Let’s find out more about Mr. Rick, our English native teacher at English Today Padang by reading the following interview:
ET: Why did you choose teaching English in Indonesia as your career?
Mr. Rick: Because I love Indonesia and I would like to help people in Indonesia to have proficient English skills that will enable them to face dynamic challenges and realize their goals in business, career and academic. 
ET: How long have you been teaching English?
Mr. Rick: I have been teaching English for 10 years
 ET: What do you like most in teaching English?
Mr. Rick: Seeing the enthusiasm of my students to learn English and all hard work that they’ve done to make progress in learning English is the thing that I like the most in teaching English.
 ET: What do you find as the most challenging thing in teaching English and how did you overcome it?
Mr. Rick: It was hard for me to overcome the language barriers between bahasa Indonesia and English especially for beginner English learners. I overcame this challenge with explaining using simple words and even demonstrate some phrases as best as I could. In addition, I also learn Bahasa Indonesia to understand my students better.
ET: As we know, speaking is the biggest issue for most of English learners in Indonesia. As an English teacher, what are practical measures that you apply to your class in order to boost your students’ speaking skill?
Mr. Rick: I make interactive activities that “force” my students to speak in English such as simulations, brainstorming, and interviews. In addition, I also apply peer-teaching method to enhance my students’ fluency.
ET: Is there any activity that you give to your students to sharpen their critical thinking skills?
Mr. Rick: Yes, I always start each session with brain gyms and this activity significantly enhances their critical thinking skills.
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