English Teacher Semarang

Ms.Dewi is Semarang’s most passionate English teacher. Here’s our complete interview with her.

English Class with BukaLapak

ET : How long have you been teaching English?
Ms. Dewi: I have been teaching English for 11 years.
ET : What kind of teaching method do you use to improve your students’ speaking skills?
Ms. Dewi: I use the Reverse 80/20 teaching method that is taught both internally and externally at English Today. This method focuses on giving the English learners 80% of the speaking time as opposed to focusing on theory and grammar rules.
ET : What are obstacles and challenges you have ever faced during your career and how have you overcome these issues?
Ms. Dewi: The most challenging thing is time limitation meanwhile, I need to help my students to attain their learning objectives and I encourage them to learn English independently during their spare time so that they continuously learn and attain English proficiency in a shorter period and thus attain their learning objectives.
ET : What do you like most in teaching English?
Ms. Dewi: When I see my students are eager to learn English and enjoy our lessons. These are things that I like most about my job as an English tutor.
ET :What are activities do you give to your students to improve their creativity?
Ms. Dewi: I usually give them activities such as making an advertisement for fictional brands. Besides, improving creativity, this activity also helps them enhance their critical thinking skills.
ET : Do you have any advice for your students?
Ms. Dewi: Basically, they like to learn English but due to their busy schedules they don’t have enough time to learn English. So, I want to say that learning is a continuous process during our lifetime, you can learn English from the internet, songs, movies and English books and don’t forget to keep practicing your conversation skills until you are  as fluent as a native speaker.
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