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English Today’s teachers are carefully selected based on qualifications, experience and most importantly passion. With English Today you can select your favourite teacher to train you!  We only choose teachers who we believe will give you better results in less time while making sure you enjoy the learning process.

Passionate is a word which describes this English teacher from Surabaya very well. Let us get to know about Ms. Lia more closely in the following interview:

Why did you choose to teach English as your career?
I love teaching students’ new ways of expressing their ideas, opinions, and experiences in English. I especially enjoy building my students confidence.  Encouraging them to overcome their fears and believe they can speak English. I want to make English easier and more enjoyable to learn.

What do you find as the most challenging about teaching English and how do you overcome this challenge?

The biggest and most important challenge is recognising the importance of individual learning styles. As an educator, it is imperative for me to acknowledge the visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic preferences of my learners. I overcame this challenge by providing various activities that will cater for each learning style.

English Today Surabaya

Where did you teach before joining English Today and why did you join English Today? 

I used to teach at Wall English as both a teacher and curriculum coordinator in Jakarta. I then joined and taught at English Today for 2 years in Jakarta before being offered the opportunity to return to my hometown Surabaya to continue teaching for English Today Surabaya. I especially like working for English Today as I like the freedom it gives me as a teacher to deliver the course that my students really require. 

How do you promote speaking skills in your lessons?

At the beginning of any program we interview each and every student and during this session I find out what their interests are and speak in terms of their interests while encouraging them to do the same. If a student is interested in the topic then it becomes much easier for him or her to express their ideas. Once you have developed a desire or need to communicate, they will forget they are using English and their language becomes increasingly natural and automatic.

Are there any activities that you give to sharpen your learners critical thinking skills?

I always provide my students with riddles, quizzes and group discussions to enhance their critical thinking skills. One of the activities I like to do is to present students with a dilemma or a problem and ask groups of students to work together to find as many different solutions as possible. This way they are developing problem solving and critical thinking and learning from each other as they might learn different ideas from their colleagues that they may not have thought of themselves.

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