Great English Course

If you want to be able to communicate confidently in English in your work, study or social life, you need to join a great English course, which focuses on achieving your learning goals, providing high-quality English instruction in a supportive learning environment. You can find all these aspects at English Today.

English Today provides experienced and internationally certified English teachers who can help you get better results in less time. In addition the lessons are enjoyable and fun. You can choose face-to-face classes, where our teachers will come to your location (at home or at work) or online English classes.

We have also launched our online learning platform. Individual clients can choose to study in private online English classes or with a small group in our Small Group Class program. As for corporate clients, you can still help develop your company’s human resources even if you are located far from the centre of the crowd. Our online course course currently reach various distant locations in Indonesia, including Medan, Pekanbaru, Lampung, Sidoarjo, Surabaya, Semarang, Lombok, Balikpapan and Samarinda

We have a very flexible and customizable syllabus, so you can study English course materials tailored to your needs.

Premium Quality English Courses

We have a variety of premium quality English course programs that you can choose according to your wants and needs. The following are some examples of the English classes we offer:

  • Business Report Writing in English
  • English for Customer Service Personnel
  • Private English Tutoring
  • Online English Learning Platform
  • English Camp
  • English Club
  • Preparation classes for the TOEFL / IELTS test

In addition, our English language learning materials are very flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs, so you can improve your English more effectively in less time.

Qualified Native and Local Speakers of English

We provide high quality native and local speaking English teachers to help you improve your English skills.

We fully believe that by providing the best English tutors, you will be able to achieve the best learning outcomes and enjoy all the benefits of improving your English skills, both in terms of career advancement and business. This is what makes a great English course.

Contact us to get all the benefits of our high-quality English program and our revolutionary learning methods. Don’t hesitate to call us at +62818 888 8887 English Today, your trusted learning partner.

6 Tips for Mastering English

With countries becoming more multicultural, the desire and need to speak English has never been this big. However, while many people want to speak English, traditional teaching methods make people lose faith and the majority give up even before trying because the process is long, tedious and difficult. Learning English doesn’t have to be like that!
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