Ulfa Marotin

Ms. Ulfa has had plenty of teaching experiences of teaching numerous classes in specific purpose of English, such as business or conversation as well as being a TOEIC tutor for high school students to prepare themselves to achive the best goal they have set up. Ms. Ulfa said that learning English should be a journey where the student feels drawn to the language rather than feel dragged along.  For over ten years now, she has been studying and experimenting with different teaching techniques and has discovered that classes delivered by a passionate teacher create an environment where students want to learn, become part of their own learning process, and thrive.  Cultivating close learning relationships with all of her students has made her understand the power of teaching and how important her profession is.  

English Department of Faculty of Culture Studies of University of Brawijaya, Malang.

  • Profound knowledge of English language.
  • Excellent communication and writing skills.
  • Ability to translate documents and using good sources to enhance the quality of translated documents
  • Good knowledge of computer programs i.e. Microsoft Office.
  • Internet abilities
  • Photography ability

Why did you choose teaching English as your career?

I chose English as my career because I love teaching English. My major was English Literature and the first job I had was English teacher. Since then, I realized that teaching English is my passion.

How long have you been teaching?

I have been teaching English since I graduated from college in 2012 until now.

What do you like most in teaching and giving training?

I like sharing knowledge with others. They can learn something from me and sometimes I can learn something from them.

What are the three ways to be successful in learning English?

In my opinion, the best three ways in learning English are: be confident, keep practicing, and make it fun.

What do you find challenging in teaching?

I find teaching English to beginners challenging since I have to speak in English all the time yet I need them to understand what I am saying. But it’s all worth it when their English is improved in the end.