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Ensure your place in this exciting time

Indonesia is fast expanding in its global reach and a fluency in English is essential in ensuring your place in this exciting time. Sure, you have tried courses before and you know the basics; but basics are no longer enough in a region surrounded by English speakers.

Jakarta has traditionally been the hub of English learning and indeed you will find that most English schools operate from there. At English Today we want to change this. We want to bring English learning out of Jakarta and focus on areas where people most need it.

Perfect timing for booming, academic Malang

As the second largest city in East Java, Malang is growing at an incredible pace. What is unique about Malang is the number of universities that mark the city as one of the most academic in all of Indonesia. So many students in one city means that the need for study and employment opportunities, in and outside of Malang, is becoming more and more competitive.

English Today will help you succeed in English

Our native teachers are experts in TOEFL and IELTS training and have a track record of getting students the scores they need to study or work abroad. Many companies in Indonesia now expect a TOEFL or IELTS score and this standard is becoming more and more common. A good TOEFL or IELTS score will ensure you remain competitive.

English Today has accredited native speakers all dedicated and passionate about what they do. We don’t just teach English, we breathe English! We are the fastest growing English provider in Jakarta. That’s why major companies like Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia, Lippo, Traveloka, Bank Mandiri, THIESS Indonesia and many others rely on English Today to teach their staff and ensure their ultimate speaking potential.

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