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Learn English online with English Today Online. Indonesia is included as one of the 10 highest e-learning growth countries in the world. There are thousands of online English learning platform in Indonesia. With such a huge number, how should you determine the best learning English online platform?

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Here are few points to consider when choosing the best online English learning platform.

  • Adaptive Learning System

    If you are looking for an online self-study learning platform, make sure it is an adaptive learning system. What does this mean? An adaptive learning system will look at your results and move you to more challenging exercises. This is save you time and keep you engaged in the learning process.

  • Teaching method

    English Today use the Reverse 80/20 teaching method. This method promotes 80% student talking time during all classes and only 20% teacher talking time.

  • Instructors

    All English Today instructors are highly qualified and experienced teachers and our goal is to make your English learning journey as enjoyable as possible. As a result, you will get better results in less time whilst enjoying the process.

  • Affordability

    Learning English online is much more affordable than conventional English courses because teachers don’t have to travel. Not only is it more affordable, it is more effective because you can request a screen recording on each and every lesson.

Learn English Online with English Today Online

English Today Online is now available to students in Palu. We look forward to helping you get better results in less time while you love the learning process. Learn anywhere at anytime!

Available Programs Include:

  • English Conversation Program
  • General English 
  • Business English
  • TOEFL/IELTS Preparation. 

Our professionally trained native and local English trainers are ready to help you design your own customised English training pathway. Our goal is to help you become the person you were born to be, don’t let a lack of English stand in your way. Contact English Today Online and we will help you remove these obstacles.

  1. Private Online English Program
  2. Small Group Online Program
  3. English Today self-learning online platform 

Contact English Today on +62818888887 or contact@english-today-indonesia.com

Online English Course Palu

Are you looking for the best English course at Palu? Do you want to speak English with confidence? Do you want to expand your business and improve your career? Since Covid 19, English Today has switched all classes to our online format using Zoom and you can now choose your preferred English teacher from anywhere in Indonesia. At English Today Online, you will not only learn English but also learn how to boost your career and expand your opportunities. 

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