Julio Adam Pratama

Mr. Julio explored that various learning activities can be done effectively if it relates to the students interest. It stimulates the urge of expressing their interest and makes students even more confident. He has spent most of his life learning English and training himself to be an English teacher. He always tries his best to take every single chance and opportunity to improve and develop himself and his students, both in soft skills and hard skills.

Lambung Mangkurat University.

Currently an undergraduate student & studying English Education.

  • School 2nd Highest Overall Score, 2015.
  • Provincial, 1st Winner of HIMABIO Graphic Design Competition, 2017
  • National, Forum Indonesia Muda 19, 2017
  • National, XL Future Leaders Awardee Batch 6, 2017
  • National, Indonesia-Canada Youth Exchange Program 2017/2018, 2017
  • National, International Youth Summit in Sydney,Australia, 2018
    I am actively engaged in community services and many youth development programs. I love programs that connect me to youth from other provinces/countries. It helps me develop myself and broaden my knowledge.

Why did you choose teaching English as your career?

It is because I’m aware that we’re lacking of good English Teachers in Indonesia, especially in my hometown, Banjarmasin. I’m doing my best to be better so I can contribute myself in education development.

How long have you been teaching?

I’ve been teaching voluntarily since 2015, but then I started to teach as an English Instructor in 2017.

What do you like most in teaching and giving training?

I love to interact with students, and I love the feeling when I successfully transfer your knowledge to the students.

What are the three ways to be successful in learning English?

First, learn it your way. Each student has their own way of learning English. Some students might enjoy learning English by playing games, while other students might prefer to learn English from Books. You might want to try watch film, listen to music, and other things that in English or related to English to help you learn English.

Second, be determined. Many people want to learn English, but only few that are determined enough to learn it. Show and prove yourself that you want to learn English and you want to be able to speak the language. You have to be aware that hard work is a must and persistence is the key.

Third, think globally. You might want to know the fact that we’re living as global citizens with English as the global language. Nowadays, people who spoken English go abroad to find jobs and compete. People from other countries are coming to Indonesia as well to work or study. Sooner or later, you’ll find out that the jobs that are supposed to be ours, will be theirs, jobseekers from other countries, because they are more competent and skilled, especially in speaking English. In this case, there’s no choice other than mastering English. It is not a complementary anymore, it is necessary.

What do you find challenging in teaching?

It has always been a challenge for me to understand someone’s personality and traits. It takes time and it requires an open-mind to understand someone’s act and behaviour.