Online English Conversation Course

Do you feel amazed when you see people speaking English fluently? Do you wish you could also speak English like them? Join English Today Online English conversation course and practice your English to become the person you were born to be. This program will help you get better results in less time while you enjoy your English learning journey. 

We understand the frustration that a lack of English causes, and we certainly understand that it is difficult to find the time and money needed to invest in expensive courses so we have provided a solution to your problem. This is why we created English Today Online. Online English training is less expensive and time consuming than face to face training and with English Today’s unique Reverse 80/20 Teaching Method we can give you the results you want in less time.

Our English Today Teachers

English Today only hires professional and highly qualified teachers who constantly update their teaching methods with our unique internal Reverse 80/20 teacher training once a month. Starting from Dennis, the famous You-tuber GurukuMrD, to famous podcasters Kiky and Gio. In this short video you can get to know the English Today teachers.

What is the Reverse 80/20 Teaching Method?

During each and every class you speak English 80% of the lesson time. Think about that, isn’t that what you should be doing in an English class? Yet other language trainers do all the talking while you nod your head as they explain grammatical structures. Not at English Today Online. We have witnessed success story after success story using our revolutionary method and the following video testimonial is just another example.

  • Private Online Lessons

    Want to increase your English skills but have difficulty organising your schedule? Or still don’t want to leave the house because of Covid19? English Today provides the perfect solution for you! Online Private English Classes!

  • Small Group Online Lessons

    Want to practice your English skills and make new friends? But busy and don’t have time to leave the house. English Today has a solution for you. Our small Online Group English class is especially designed for you. With a maximum of 4 participants done online via Zoom. You can add friends and improve your English skills while saving time.

  • English Today Self- study Platform

    English Today Self-study Platform is an integrated skills course mapped to Cambridge Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for learners from beginner to advanced level (A1-C1). Each level contains 20 units, which practice the four skills (listening, reading, speaking, and writing) in addition to grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

    Call us and we will create a learning pathway for you based on your interests and your needs. +62818 888 887 or

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About the Author:

Matthew adalah Direktur Studi di English Today, telah berkecimpung di dunia pendidikan dan mengajar sejak tahun 2001. Dia telah sukses mengumpulkan para tenaga pengajar ahli di Jakarta untuk turut serta berkontribusi dibawah naungan English Today dalam memberikan layanan pendidikan dan pelatihan Bahasa Inggris untuk berbagai perusahaan ternama seperti Garuda Indonesia, Bank Mandiri dan Grup Lippo yang merupakan pelanggan setia English Today. Jika anda mencari program persiapan iBT TOEFL, pelatihan bisnis khusus seperti Presentasi dalam Bahasa Inggris atau Bahasa Inggris untuk pelayanan pelanggan, atau jenis pelatihan lainnya, Matthew dapat menjawab kebutuhan anda.
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