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English online course in English Today are designed based on the level of proficiency / level of student abilities, various language topics to support the achievement of students’ targets, and integrate all language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) and sub-skills (vocabulary, order language, and pronunciation).
Our online English course allows you to learn more actively because the 80-20 method which English Today uses. 80% of the time each session is used by students to use English actively with the exercises given. You will start talking and writing in a fun and natural and spontaneous way by actively participating in real life situations: first you listen and understand and then you start talking and writing.
The learning process is satisfying and you make progress without realizing it. Online English courses can advance your career and skills.
We have compiled some of the best tips on the top 5 learning tips list, which will keep you on track and help you successfully complete your chosen online English course.

Make a study plan and stick with it

Start by looking at your weekly activity calendar and finding the best time for you to study. Set aside the set time for a week to take an online course. This might be possible at a lunch break or after you put the kids to bed. You decide what is best for you and your busy schedule. After you have prepared a study plan, follow it.

Study with friends or colleagues

Online courses can be a little quiet, so deciding to study with friends or colleagues can help ease loneliness and that will also help you stay motivated and focused. Research shows that you are far more likely to complete online courses if you do it with friends or colleagues.

Set short-term goals and reward yourself

Set personal goals and time for each course module. For example, determine how much time is needed to complete module one and then work to complete it within the specified time period. Manage your time wisely and reward yourself with something fun if you succeed in achieving your goals.

Move when you can

If you successfully complete the module faster than expected, move on to the next module, and so on. The advantage of online English course with English Today is that you set your own pace. So, when you get the chance to finish more, make the best use of it!

Remind yourself why you are taking the course

If you feel that you have not progressed or don’t follow the study plan and skip your study time, focus back on why you decided to study English online. Remember your final goals and that will help motivate you to complete the course.
Take an online English course and start improving your communication skills today. English Today offers lessons in reading, writing, and speaking English aimed at people who learn English as a second language or a foreign language that includes training in speaking English. In addition, English proficiency test preparation courses are also available for TOEFL ® and IELTS examinations.
English language courses are offered on Skype / Start Zoom with our experienced tutors. Our online English language courses help you develop the language you need to use according to your targets and are fully adapted to your goals.

6 Tips for Mastering English

With countries becoming more multicultural, the desire and need to speak English has never been this big. However, while many people want to speak English, traditional teaching methods make people lose faith and the majority give up even before trying because the process is long, tedious and difficult. Learning English doesn’t have to be like that!

About the Author:

An energetic, committed and qualified teacher who has the passion to teach business English. For more than eight years of her career, Lita has gained extensive experience in developing students' knowledge, skills and attitudes. She is currently teaching business English for English Today, where passionate, intelligent and ambitious teachers can make a significant impact. Lita is eager to share her knowledge and experience with anyone who wants to learn business English. Lita always strives to provide effective courses that involve students and accelerate learning. Lita uses kinesthetic, visual and hearing approaches to make the process of learning English become interactive and interesting. She has taught varieties of materials that include different development activities skills for speaking, writing, listening, and reading that are needed for business people. Student evaluations, both formal and informal, are also conducted to determine whether students are progressing. The experience gained from teaching English to adult learners from various institutions and backgrounds makes Lita understand how to motivate and guide students of all ages and levels of learning.
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