Online English Courses

The rapid advancement of technology has caused many fields to change such as employment, transportation and even education, including online English courses

In today’s digital era the ability to work and socialize using English has become more and more important and now with the Covid 19 pandemic many people and companies are turning to online English training in order to compete.

From among hundreds or maybe even thousands of domains that offer online English learning services, where can you find a good online English courses? English Today Online the answer! We are a trusted online English learning institution with more than 10 years experience in the field of online English language training. Through the English Today Online program, you can study English anywhere at anytime without having to waste money, time and energy. 

Why choose us?

  • We have experienced online English teachers

  • We provide custom designed English learning programs according to your needs. 

  • We use the Reverse 80/20 teaching method which promotes speaking confidence

  • We are trusted by more than 150 national and multinational companies as their preferred online English training provider. 

In the modern era, the one who wins is not the strongest but the fastest to adapt to change. Whoever is the fastest to keep abreast of the times is the winner. Therefore, do not waste anymore of your time. Now is the time to change and to develop your ability to use English! And, we are very happy to be an agent of change in your life. And here is a list of some of the programs we offer at English Today Online:

  • General English

  • Business English

  • Conversation

  • Exam Preparation Program

You will be guided and given tips which will be very useful in improving your career and business. English Today Online helping you become your best, get better results in less time and enjoy the journey.

Don’t take our word for it but please listen to the testimonials of our English learners 

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Bahasa Indonesia Courses

Do you have expatriate colleagues who want to learn Bahasa Indonesia? English Today has a solution for you. Either everyday Bahasa Indonesia or formal Bahasa Indonesia used in business setting. English Today has experienced trainers in handling expatriates who want to learn Indonesian

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English Today Online

The most effective way to speak English with confidence is direct practices. Do you remember when you were learning English at school? You can learn the most difficult grammar in English, you can learn to memorize every single word in English but without practicing those things, you won’t be fluent to speak in English.

Learning English is like body shaping training at the gym, you won’t get the ideal body shape if you come to the gym once a week. When you’re learning English it has to be the part of your daily life to get the maximum result and be more confident to speak in English and there’s no other way but practice speaking in English daily. With only one hour per day of practicing to speak in English, you will be able to be a fluent English speaker.

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Business English

English Today has informative and friendly teachers, they also are mastering teaching methods that enable us to understand the materials and they truly understand what I need in learning English besides the materials were arranged accordingly and easy to understand.

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