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Mr. D was an aspiring Hollywood actor.

Mr. D has a plenty of teaching experiences.

Mr. D landed his first class teaching the beautiful flight attendants at Garuda Indonesia. 

Mr. D has been called to appear on TV shows as well. I was on dahSyat, Hitam Putih, and most recently Ini Talk Show.

Mr. D got a very good feedback at his first teaching.

Fill in the blanks based on the information from the article.

Long-story short, English Today Jakarta 1.__________________ to me and said they’d hire me under certain terms and conditions.
Since I had limited teaching experience, they were 2.______________ to employ me,
, but luckily for me they were willing to train me as long as I could adapt to their 3. __________________.
The owner of English TodayMatthew Donohue, told me that although he was willing to take me on, nevertheless, if I couldn’t quickly adapt, I would be let go and he added that I had to pay for my own 4. ____________________.
Matthew and other English Today teachers continued to 5. _______________ that the teachers of English Today Jakarta were the elites of the elite, meaning they were the best of the best – and they are! A lot of the teachers with English Today were former Director of Studies from brands like English First, or Centre Managers from Wall Street, and Senior Product Managers from ILP… and then you have me, bule nyasar.
I thought about all the risks and told myself that life’s short, life’s an 6. _____________. If it didn’t work out with English Today, what’s the worst that could happen? Deported and back to be a small time actor? No problem! (No, actually I wasn’t that optimistic) So, I told them I’d take the job.
After an intensive 7. ________________ with Ms. Amber, English Today’s awesome Director of Studies, I landed my first class teaching the beautiful             
8. __________________  at Garuda Indonesia. I really enjoyed it and I thought that this whole teaching business was actually so easy and fun. After about two months, my boss Matthew called me in for a chat.
He said the 9.______________ we got from our clients were good. I was glad to hear that. Then he explained that when Indonesians say ‘good’, it actually means ‘not good enough’, when they say ‘excellent’ it means ‘great’, when they say ‘super amazing’ they mean ‘excellent’.
My reviewers said I was only ‘good’ which in reality meant I was not good enough. Suddenly, my heart 10.________________.

Choose one correct answer (A, B or C).

What was Mr. D profession before he joined English Today?

Where Mr. D first taught?

How was the client’s feedback on Mr. D first teaching?

In which social media platform that Mr. D first uploaded his videos?

What are the TV shows that he has appeared on?

Match the beginning of the sentences (1-5) with the correct sentence endings (a-e).

So, I dedicated myself to
 I observed lots of classes, read lots of books on teaching and
 Everyone was so caring and passionate about teaching and
I approached my boss and thanked him, I said that I have learned so much from Joe.
 After a couple of months, I felt I knew everything about teaching

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