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What comes to your mind when you hear the word “UK”?
If you say, “The weather”, you are 100% correct!

Did you know, if we Indonesians love (or loathe) to talk about the traffic, the Brits have a love and hate relationship with the often gloomy weather in their country, thus it is a very common topic amongst them.

What else comes to your mind? Royal weddings? Big Ben? The Harry Potter movies? You name it! Additionally, the UK is indeed very famous for its accent. Who agrees?

If you want to enhance your British listening skills, let’s welcome our one and only Daniel, our native teacher from the UK.

Besides learning interesting facts about the UK, you’ll also get to hear Daniel’s views on the differences between Indonesia and the UK. Here’s one: he finds it shocking when a taxi driver asked him if he’s married or not, because this is totally inappropriate in the UK.

Daniel’s culture shock experiences can make your tummy tickle because of how true they are. Curious to know more?

Then our podcast is just what you need!

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“Do you have any idea how hard it is to drive in Jakarta?”
“Oh trust me. Been there, done that!”

Have you ever heard such a conversation? Or is it a common topic of conversation among Jakarta citizens?

Welcome to the hustle and bustle of Jakarta traffic!

Motorcycle drivers ‘innocently’ riding on the wrong side of the road. Being literally excruciatingly swamped on the train. Being impolitely honked by the drivers behind you.

The nearly life-and-death experience of almost getting into an accident (that moment where your heart skipped a beat and life flashes before your eyes – never happened to you? Okay).

Not to mention, the breath-taking amount of cars and motorcycles during rush hour that makes them look like ants from above.

Kiky and Gio are here to talk about everything related to commuting in Jakarta, ranging from what transport they usually use to get to work to their experiences using Jakarta’s public transport.

Do you have any scary or funny experiences commuting in Jakarta?
Share them with us! We’d love to know!

Wherever you are, whether you are on your way to work or going back home, stay safe!

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You’ve seen him give quizzes on English Today’s Instagram. You’ve seen him explain about Business Skills. You’ve watched his funny English videos. You’ve even watched his performances on national television.

Mr. D(@gurukumrd) or also known as Dennis is everyone’s favourite ‘bule’ Instagram celebrity sharing his daily videos on English tips. His naturally humorous streak is what keeps his audiences wanting more. He’s a unique on-camera personality that has made him a ‘fortune’ of more than 1 million Instagram followers.

Whether you want to learn more about Mr. D or are trying to enhance your listening skills or want to increase your daily vocabulary, listen to Mr.D, as our special guest, on Speak English Today Podcast with our weekly hosts Gio and Kiky.

Stay tuned for our episodes where we’ll bring more guest stars and talk about interesting topics each week. Download your podcast platform and find us at: Speak English Today.

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