English Today is a movement that attracts the elite teachers from all around Indonesia our Depok Branch is no exception. A-Grade trainers = A- Grade results
English Today is a movement that attracts the Depok Branch is no exception. A-Grade trainers = A- Grade results
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English Language Course Depok

English Today is now available in Depok as an English language course in Depok that provides effective solution to your every obstacle in learning English. We provide native and local English teachers with expertise in teaching English to adults. Read through this article to find out more details about our English classes.
Specifically Designed English Learning Programs
We offer dozens of specifically designed English learning programs to meet your every need in business, career and academic. The training programs include the following classes:
  • English Presentation Skills
This program has been specially designed for those of you who need to get rid of your “stage nerves” in presentations. In this program, you will discover the secret to deliver impressive presentations and engage your audiences as well as achieve the objectives of your presentations. Sign up for this training program now.
  • Negotiation Skills
Create millions of profitable and successful negotiations with your foreign business partners and clients with magnificent negotiation skills through this training program. This course focuses on common obstacles in negotiations and how to overcome those obstacles effectively. Ensure your business sustainability and be an excellent negotiator with the assistance of our negotiation experts in this program.
  • General Business English
Attain your ultimate success in business and career with an outstanding business English proficiency in this program. This program aims to equip you with relevant business term, phrase and grammar to facilitate your business interactions.
Online VIP Learning Program
We also provide an online VIP learning program for those of you who would like to learn English with ease. In addition, you will be taught by our professional and world-class English tutor in this program. For more information about our online English classes, visit us at www.english-today-online.com  
The Ultimate Teaching Method
As the foremost English training provider, we always maintain our commitment to teach English with the ultimate teaching method that allows you to speak English more confidently and more effectively. We call this method as “reverse 80-20”. This method emphasizes on practice instead of theory. In addition, we will help you to learn English through a lot of interactive activities such as group discussions, role plays, simulations and games to immerse yourselves in English. Here’s a scheme of our English teaching method:
Create your success path now with premium quality English training programs from English Today.
English Today Your Professional Learning Partner
Contact Us
(021)7456296 / (021)74860977 / (021)29236998

Or Visit www.english-today-indonesia.com



English Today Online

Cara yang paling efektif agar mahir berbicara bahasa Inggris adalah dengan melakukan praktek secara langsung. Apakah Anda masih ingat belajar bahasa Inggris di sekolah? Anda bisa belajar grammar dengan tingkat yang paling tinggi di dunia, Anda bisa menghafal semua kata-kata yang ada dalam bahasa Inggris, namun apabila Anda tidak mempraktekannya, maka tidak mungkin Anda mampu lancar bicara dalam bahasa Inggris.

Belajar bicara bahasa Inggris sama halnya seperti latihan di gym, Anda tidak mungkin bisa mendapatkan bentuk tubuh yang ideal apabila Anda hanya datang sekali seminggu, begitupun Bahasa Inggris, bicara dalam Bahasa Inggris HARUS menjadi bagian dari rutinitas Anda sehari- hari, tidak ada cara lain.Anda bisa membuat kemajuan yang luar biasa dengan bicara bahasa Inggris hanya 1 jam setiap harinya.

Business English

Saya sangat puas dan beruntung telah memilih English Today! Gurunya sangat ramah dan informatif! Tim English Today sangat mengerti apa saja yang saya butuhkan, templatenya rapi dan mudah dipahami.


Business English

General English

Corporate Climbers

English Today Online

IOM choose English Today from the tender because of their teachers’ CELTA Cambridge English literature and linguistics qualifications which were very impressive. We were so happy with English Today that we signed seven contracts over a 9 month period. These included TOEFL training, Business English, General English and Essay Writing. We highly recommend English Today.
Albert Harmono, International Organization for Migration (IOM)
We sponsored a friend from Lombok to take a 3-month hospitality English course with English Today. ET took the time to understand what we actually wanted to achieve from the course and providing a number of solutions. incredibly flexible in making time to understand what we actually wanted to achieve from the course.
Daniel Butt, Leighton Contractors
English Today is a great solution for me to enhance my English. I have more confidence when I have to meet my clients from Singapore and Australia because now I can speak English fluently. I took English For Business Class with Matthew was a teacher. Thank you ET!
William Gunawan, WitieStudio Website Solution
English Today has provided Lotte Mart Indonesia with both native and Indonesian teachers. Mr Matthew taught me private conversation lessons, during which he became my friend, not just my teacher. I highly recommend English Today to anyone wishing to improve their English
Mr Moon, Lotte Mart Indonesia President
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