The Best English Course in Jakarta

Are you looking for the best English course in Jakarta? For most of people it might be as difficult as seek for a needle in a haystack, is that really so? Let us consider the following points to determine the best English course in Jakarta:

  • Teacher’s qualifications
    What are the qualifications of the teachers in that place? Do they have a lot of experiences in teaching English especially for adults? Do they have various English teaching methods? It will be a waste if you don’t enjoy the English learning process with excitement and feeling happy during the class. Even worse, it will make you walk further from English fluency and proficiency. Eventually, it will take longer time for you to be proficient in English and make you feel reluctant to improve your English skills.

  • Learning Methods
    Do they use applicative and relevant English learning methods? Do they give you time to practice your English skills in class? Do they only emphasize on theory rather than practice? Learning English is like practicing the guitar, the more you practice how to play it, the more beautiful melodies that you can play similarly when you practice your English more and more, the more likely you will be proficient.

  • Most important of all, how many students have reached English proficiency with the training from the English course?

    A successful English learning center is measured by the numbers of students that reached the English proficiency after they participated in that course. Moreover, the purpose of learning English at course is to improve your confidence to communicate in English as well as improve your career and boost your business, right?

After we’ve discussed the points mentioned above, have you found the answer? It’s English Today Jakarta. It’s not merely our claim, but it is proven by thousands of our students, particularly in Jakarta. Here’s the testimonial from our student at Senayan City Jakarta:
Dozens of English teachers, natives and locals have been supporting us to provide A grade English training programs to all of our students. Here are some of our training programs:

Kursus Bahasa Inggris

Besides, more than 200 of well-known companies and government institutions have entrusted us to be their partner in providing English education and training to their employees, board of director even their board of commissioners!
Feel the harmony of relationship with your business client overseas and get the benefit of sustainability and multiple profits in business like never before by entrusting us as your English learning partner at English Today Jakarta!

English Course at Palu

Palu has a lot of rivers,villages and mountainous area and capital city of Central Sulawesi province. With those factors, Palu is become one of the dream destination for most of the explorers nationwide and overseas. Are you looking for the best English course at Palu? Do you want to speak English with confidence? Do you want to expand your business and improve your career?
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About the Author:

Chindy is a dedicated,discipline and high qualified English teacher. She has been teaching English students for kids, teens and adults. She is now a member of English Today’s tutors and she’s teaching business English to Employee even Board of Director. Teaching English has been her passion since she was in college. She endeavors to create warm and friendly learning nuances in order to motivate her students to learn English. She also uses a lot of interactive teaching methods such as group discussion, role play and games. She applies 80:20 teaching method that enables her student to improve their English skills as well as enhance her students’ confidence to speak in English. The most important thing to her is to help her students to reach native-like English proficiency.