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Are you looking for the best English course in Jakarta? For many people a great English program is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. When looking for a great English course let us consider the following points to determine which course is suitable for you:

  • Teacher’s qualifications
    First you need to ask what are the qualifications of the teachers? Do they have a lot of experience teaching English for adults? Do they have various teaching methods to keep the program interesting? It will be a waste if you don’t enjoy the English learning process. Even worse, it will pull you further away from your English learning goals and eventually you will lose interest and feel reluctant to improve your English skills.

  • Learning Methods
    Do the teachers use applicative and relevant English learning methods? Do they give you enough time to practice your English skills in class? or do they only emphasize on the theory rather than the practice? Learning English is like practicing the guitar, the more you practice, the more beautiful the melodies that you will be able to play will be, similarly when you practice your spoken English, it is more likely that you will start to feel confident and as a result will be able to express yourself more completely.

  • Most important of all, how many students have reached English proficiency with the English course?

    A successful English learning center is measured by the numbers of students that reached English proficiency after they have participated in that course. Moreover, the purpose of learning English is to improve your confidence in English communication as well as improving your career.

Have you found the answer? It’s English Today. It’s not merely our claim, but it has been proven by thousands of our students thoughout Jakarta and Indonesia. Here’s a testimonial from one of our students at Senayan City:
Here are some of our Business English training programs:

English Today have taught over 1000 well-known companies as well as government institutions throughout Indonesia and we have been entrusted to provide English training to their employees, board of directors even their Executive Directors!
Feel the improved confidence of your employees by entrusting English Today as your English learning partner!
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English Language Course in Jakarta

Thinking about finding an English language course in Jakarta? Feeling confused about which one to choose? Feeling unsure? What are the benefits / advantages of taking an English course? What are tips and tricks for mastering English?
As the most widely used language in almost all countries in the world, knowing and being able to speak English makes it possible to interact and communicate with people from different backgrounds. And this will open the door to your broader career opportunities. Your world becomes unlimited.

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About the Author:

Chindy is a dedicated,discipline and high qualified English teacher. She has been teaching English students for kids, teens and adults. She is now a member of English Today’s tutors and she’s teaching business English to Employee even Board of Director. Teaching English has been her passion since she was in college. She endeavors to create warm and friendly learning nuances in order to motivate her students to learn English. She also uses a lot of interactive teaching methods such as group discussion, role play and games. She applies 80:20 teaching method that enables her student to improve their English skills as well as enhance her students’ confidence to speak in English. The most important thing to her is to help her students to reach native-like English proficiency.
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