The Best English Course in Jakarta

Are you looking for the best English course in Jakarta? For many people finding a great English program is not easy. When looking for a great English course let us consider the following points to determine which course is suitable for you:

  • Teacher’s qualifications

    What are the teacher’s qualifications? Does the teacher have a lot of experience teaching English to adults?  It will be a waste of time and money if you don’t enjoy the learning process. You need a teacher who is experienced in teaching English to adults so you get better results in a quicker time while enjoying the journey.

  • Learning Methods

    Teachers must use applicative and relevant English learning methods? Do they emphasise more on the theory rather than the practice? Learning English is like practicing the guitar, the more you practice, the more beautiful the melodies will be, similarly when you practice your spoken English, the more confident you will feel and sound. 

  • How many students have reached English proficiency with the English course?

    A successful English training provider is measured by the numbers of students that have reached English proficiency. We are here to help you became a better version of yourself. Please google English Today Online and you will see over two hundred 5-star Google Reviews. Many of these reviews are from employees of various government departments who took intensive English training with English Today during the WFH period.

A Video Testimonial from Cynthia (PT Pegadaian):

We have Private Online Class and also Small Group Online Class. With Private Online Class, you are more free to choose the schedule and material you want. With a small group you have the opportunity to get to know your groupmates and have new friends.

Feel the improved confidence of your employees by entrusting English Today as your English learning partner!



English Language Course in Jakarta

Thinking about finding an English language course in Jakarta? Feeling confused about which one to choose? Feeling unsure? What are the benefits / advantages of taking an English course? What are tips and tricks for mastering English?

As the most widely used language in the world, knowing and being able to speak English makes it possible to interact and communicate with people from different backgrounds. And this will open the door to broader career opportunities. Your world becomes unlimited.

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