English Course in Palangkaraya

English Today is now available in Palangkaraya!

We pride ourselves on our excellence in providing English training across Indonesia, and we have expanded to Palangkaraya!
English Today is now available in your city as a trusted English course in Palangkaraya that gives the best solution to your challenges in learning English. We have been providing English training for employees, managers, board of directors and civil servants for more than 15 years. Keep scrolling down to discover the extraordinary English courses we offer at English Today Palangkaraya.

Various Practical English Lessons

At English Today Palangkaraya,we provide a variety of applied English training in support of your progress in career, academic and business. Some of our fine-tuned English training include the following:

English Camp     

Get all the advantages in just one English training program only at English Camp from English Today Palangkaraya. Here are some of the outstanding benefits of our English Camp program:
  • Quickly enhancing creativity and communication skills among participants

  • Increasing work productivity and cooperation.

  • Improving English through organic learning (deeper understanding and more related to real-world situations, rather than just theories)

  • Massively boosting language confidence.

Even two of the government institutions have entrusted us to provide the training sessions. Here are some of the documentations of our English Camp program:

English Camp with Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan

English Camp with Kementerian BUMN

English for the Energy Sector

This course is an ideal choice for you who work or run a business in the energy sector. This training will equip you with the necessary linguistic skills to help you to understand and talk about daily situations within the Energy Sector. Sign up for this English program now only at English Today Palangkaraya.

English Sales Skills

This is a soft skill training program to increase sales of your products and services. The focus of this training include communication, relationship building and selling psychology. Expand your market to various countries and get all the benefits in just one English learning program.

Private English Language Course in Palangkaraya

At English Today Palangkaraya, we also provide private English language course in Palangkaraya for you to improve your English skills with a high flexibility program. You can easily choose the location, your learning schedule and your private English tutor (native or local). Sign up for private English training programs now.

Online English Lessons in Palangkaraya

Wealsooffer online English lessons in Palangkaraya. Grab the opportunity toget the best experience of learning English anywhere and anytime with an affordable fee. We have two different programs:

1. VIP Skype/Zoom

This is the ideal choice for you to acquire English skills according to your learning purposes such as business English, English for conversations and general English. You can get all the benefits of this program with only IDR 1 million*investment. Our experienced online English teachers would be delighted to help you to achieve your learning purposes more quickly and more effectively.

2. Connected General English

It is an international-standard English learning program. Now you can improve your English skills anywhere and anytime by investing IDR 1 million/4 months. For more information about our online English lessons,visit us at www.english-today-online.com

English Learning Method at English Today

The main feature of English Today is our dynamic and effective English learning method. Our learning method is the inversion of the conventional English learning method, making learning process more effective and efficient.
Here’s a scheme of a conventional English learning method and our English learning method at English Today Palangkaraya:

Teaching Method English Course in Palangkaraya

Ineffective Traditional Teaching Method

Teaching Method English Course in Palangkaraya

Ineffective Traditional Teaching Method

This method has been proven to be successful in our students who are greatly spread nationwide. This method allows you to learn English actively and enables you to accomplish an excellent English proficiency more quickly.
Enroll in one of our fine-tuned English programs now and get all the advantages.
For more information,
contact us at (021) 2977 1550 / +6221 292 36998
or  www.english-today-indonesia.com

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