About Chindy ET

Chindy is a dedicated,discipline and high qualified English teacher. She has been teaching English students for kids, teens and adults. She is now a member of English Today’s tutors and she’s teaching business English to Employee even Board of Director. Teaching English has been her passion since she was in college. She endeavors to create warm and friendly learning nuances in order to motivate her students to learn English. She also uses a lot of interactive teaching methods such as group discussion, role play and games. She applies 80:20 teaching method that enables her student to improve their English skills as well as enhance her students’ confidence to speak in English. The most important thing to her is to help her students to reach native-like English proficiency.

June 2019

English Teacher Palangkaraya


English Teacher Palangkaraya Teacher is one of the essential parts in a classroom and the role of teacher undoubtedly contributes to the improvement of the students’ progress. English Today as the premium English Course provider is now here in Palangkaraya to expand our scope so that we bring to you the best English teachers [...]

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Native Teachers to Schools Palangkaraya


Native Teachers to Schools Palangkaraya In order to catch up with the global world, it is crucial to provide your students with the best native teachers in town. By having native teachers in your school, you will be able to improve not only the qualities of the students but also the qualities of your [...]

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December 2018

English language course in Kediri


English Language Course in Kediri Kediri is one of the famous regions in East Java. This city is the Indonesia sugar trade centre and cigarettes industry. Hence, Kediri has rapid industrial development. Also, there are many historical heritages from Kediri Kingdom and the various local dishes that are offered, such as Soto, Nasi Pecel [...]

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English Course Mataram


English Course Mataram English Today is now in Mataram to provide the best English Course Mataram for you. Mataram is the capital city of Nusa Tenggara Barat, or we know better as Lombok, has so many attractive tourism places that are offered to both local tourists and foreign tourists. To support the development in [...]

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October 2018

English Private


English Private Do you feel uncomfortable to study English in a big group? English Today is here to provide English Private. A private class is a small class that consists of few people or only the people that you know well so the English learning can run well. You will also feel comfortable to learn or [...]

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Online English Private Lessons


One of the biggest changes to come from the Covid-19 pandemic is dramatic increase in the number of people wanting private Online English lessons. Thanks the development of technology and applications such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams having a private online English lesson from your home or office is extremely [...]

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