English Today is a movement that attracts the elite teachers from all around Indonesia our Malang Branch is no exception. A-Grade trainers = A- Grade results
English Today is a movement that attracts the Malangis no exception. A-Grade trainers = A- Grade results
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Are you looking for the Best English Course Malang has to offer?
English Today Malang has everything YOU need!

English Course in Malang

Most of us are willing to attain our utmost success in this global digital world. Enrolling in the best English course in Malang is one of the most important keys to pursue that goal. English Today has officially operated in Malang to give you the utmost result of learning English with the help of professional native and local English teachers and laser-targeted English trainings.

Wide Variety of English Trainings

We provide a wide variety of English trainings to achieve your learning purposes. We have various learning programs to enhance your business, career and get academic benefits. Some of our English courses include:
  • English for Tourism

  • TOEFL/IELTS Preparation

  • English Club

  • Presentation Skills

  • English for Business Report Writing

English for Business Report Writing Training with BCA Malang

  • Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills Training with Bank Mandiri Malang

  • English Camp

English Camp with Kementerian BUMN

  • Online English Courses

  • English for Engineering
  • English for Finance and Banking

English for Finance and Banking Class with Homecredit

  • Socializing Confidence

Socializing Confidence Training with Djarum

Effective English Teaching Method

We use an effective English teaching method, the reverse 80:20, this method is our own revolutionary method that you wouldn’t find at any other English courses in Malang. This method based on active learning activities and student-oriented modules that enables the students to use English effectively and efficiently in every situations in their daily lives.

Top Secret to Master English

Our English teachers would be delighted to tell you about top secret to master English plus provide you with practices how to apply those secrets throughout your interaction process. Enroll in one of our English courses now and get all the benefits that entails. For registration, locations and fees, call our number (021) 2856 5313 or follow us on Instagram @englishtoday or visit our website www.english-today-indonesia.com

English Teacher in Malang

Are you looking for an English teacher in Malang who truly understands your strength and weakness in learning English? This person is the perfect English tutor for you. Let’s read throughout our interview with Mr. Wahyu, one of our English teaching members at English Today Malang:
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English Today Online

The most effective way to speak English with confidence is direct practices. Do you remember when you were learning English at school? You can learn the most difficult grammar in English, you can learn to memorize every single word in English but without practicing those things, you won’t be fluent to speak in English.

Learning English is like body shaping training at the gym, you won’t get the ideal body shape if you come to the gym once a week. When you’re learning English it has to be the part of your daily life to get the maximum result and be more confident to speak in English and there’s no other way but practice speaking in English daily. With only one hour per day of practicing to speak in English, you will be able to be a fluent English speaker.

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Business English

English Today has informative and friendly teachers, they also are mastering teaching methods that enable us to understand the materials and they truly understand what I need in learning English besides the materials were arranged accordingly and easy to understand.

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Business English

General English

Corporate Climbers

English Today Online

IOM choose English Today from the tender because of their teachers’ CELTA Cambridge English literature and linguistics qualifications which were very impressive. We were so happy with English Today that we signed seven contracts over a 9 month period. These included TOEFL training, Business English, General English and Essay Writing. We highly recommend English Today.
Albert Harmono, International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Kami mensponsori seorang teman dari Lombok untuk mengikuti kursus bahasa Inggris bertema hospitality (industri jasa) selama tiga bulan di English Today. ET memahami tujuan yang ingin kami capai melalui kursus tersebut dan memberikan sejumlah solusi, sangat fleksibel dalam meluangkan waktu untuk mencapai tujuan kami.
Daniel Butt, Leighton Contractors
English Today merupakan solusi yang tepat untuk meningkatkan kemampuan berbahasa Inggris saya. Kini saya merasa lebih percaya diri saat bertemu dengan klien-klien dari Singapura dan Australia, sebab saya dapat berkomunikasi dengan lancar dalam bahasa Inggris. Saya mengikuti English For Business Class (Bahasa Inggris untuk Kelas Bisnis) dengan Matthew sebagai guru saya. Terima kasih ET!
William Gunawan, WitieStudio Website Solution
Para guru lokal dan native English Today telah mengajar bahasa Inggris untuk karyawan Lotte Mart Indonesia. Mr Matthew mengajarkan saya percakapan bahasa Inggris secara privat; dan ia menjadi teman baik saya, bukan hanya sekedar guru. Saya sangat merekomendasikan English Today kepada setiap orang yang ingin meningkatkan kemampuan berbahasa Inggris.
Mr Moon, Lotte Mart Indonesia President