Corporate English Training Employees

Are you an employee who needs to improve your English? Or perhaps you are a part of your company’s learning and development team and you wish to improve your employees’ business English skills. English training to help you become your best. You can get better results in less while enjoying the journey.

English Today specialise in creating custom designed learning programs for your needs, we have a variety of modules which you can mix and match depending on your needs.

  • Presentation Skills

    Tell a story, engage the audience, leave them inspired, and sell your product or idea. These modules provide a roadmap for delivering effective presentations

  • English Report Writing

    Need to create structured and detailed reports? These modules will guide you in implementing a consistent format and process for creating reports.

  • Email Effectiveness

    Not confident in creating and sending emails? These modules guide you in writing effective and convincing emails. They develop language skills and inspire confidence, as well as providing invaluable reference materials.

  • Socialising Confidence

    Feeling nervous and do not know what to say in social situations? These modules help you to communicate confidently and effectively in English and build relationships with colleagues and clients.

  • Effective Meetings

    Nervous in meetings conducted in English? These practical role-play orientated training modules provide tools and strategies to build your confidence.

  • Negotiation Skills

    Finding it difficult to negotiate in English? These modules help you to understand the phrases and strategies of negotiation, as well as the specialized language involved in negotiation.

English Today’s Teaching Materials

All the modules above provide custom made materials designed for professionals who wish to develop their English for business purposes. We have also adapted our materials so that they are now suitable and effective for both online learning and face to face classes. At English Today we pride ourselves on delivering the most effective course and materials to achieve the goals you wish to achieve. We make this easier and more enjoyable.

English Today’s Teachers

In addition to a tailor-made courses and Corporate Language Training materials we also encourage you to consider which of our teachers is best suited to you. All our teachers at English Today are highly qualified and have a great deal of experience however the most important quality that we look for in teachers is passion. English Today’s teachers are dedicated to finding and then delivering the style of learning best suited to you and your staff. With English Today you will be able to choose the teacher that you require to fulfil your needs.

The Reverse 80/20 method

At English Today we deliver a highly active classroom approach that requires all students to participate and contribute to classes. We aim for the participants on our courses to spend 80% of the time in class actively engaged in using English. We believe in the principle of learning by doing as we consider this to be the most effective strategy to improve English in the shortest time.

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