Best English Course

Are you afraid to speak in English? Do you wonder why, after so many years of English study, you still get nervous?

So many English courses promise that you will be fluent in a short time but when you join the class the teacher speaks for 80% and you hardly speak at all. This creates an environment where there is too much teacher talk time ( TTT) and not enough student talk time (STT). This is why at English Today our trainers practice the Reverse 80/20 teaching method.

What is the Reverse 80/20 teaching method?

What is the best English course, it is the one where you get to practice speaking for 80% of the time with a qualified guide helping you use English correctly while also building your confidence as you go, then yes you will quickly learn to speak English with much more confidence.

So what’s stopping you?

Well here are some obstacles people tell us are stopping them from improving their English. Do any of these relate to you?

  • Cost of English Lessons

    The one positive aspect to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic is that people have become aware of the benefit of online learning. Not only is it much cheaper to study with a professional trainer online, it is also much more effective for many English learners. The sessions can be recorded and you can review them after your lesson.

    You can join a small online group public class or invite your friends or colleagues to study together and share the costs.

  • Traffic of Getting to English Course

    We really understand that you must feel tired after working all day and then you have to travel to an English academy to study. This is also eliminated with online study. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic with online English classes

  • English Learning Materials are not Suitable

    Before you start your class, we will give you a Placement Test so we can put you at the right level. We will also prepare modules that fit your needs so that your English training will be focused on the topics and skills that you need.

Custom Designed English Programs

English Presentation Skills

Become a dynamic presenter! – rid yourselves of ‘stage nerves’ forever with our premium quality Presentation Skills training.

English Negotiation Skills

Hold your own in those all-important negotiation meetings. This course is packed full of confidence building, fast track learning strategies and will help you to handle negotiations successfully.

English for Business Reports

Do you read and write business reports? This course is for you. Get to know tips and tricks on how to write accurate Business Reports in English as well as enrich your vocabulary with terms and phrases that are commonly used in business reports.