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English Today Online English Teacher Training Program 

English Today is fully aware of the importance of improving the teaching skills of English teachers nationwide. So we have designed an Online English teacher training program in order to continue teacher training during the Covid-19 period.

We have held various teacher training programs initiated by the Ministry of Education and Culture nation wide. However, due to Covid-19 we started holding all our teacher training programs online. In fact, one of Kartu Prakerja’s most popular programs was ” How to Teach English Online”.

Training for English teachers online

Our goal is to help teachers and schools learn more effective teaching methodologies. We have over 10 years of experience providing teacher training throughout Indonesia and are often hired directly by mayors and governors to train local teachers.

English Today’s breakthrough, revolutionary and unprecedented English teaching methods which will enable you to become an excellent English teacher in a shorter period of time , rather than using the old conventional teaching methods.

Training Bahasa Inggris

English Teaching Tips and Tricks for Teens

One of the participants, Mr.Agung stated that this was the best teacher training that he had ever attended! He said that it has helped him fall in love again with his job as English teacher and it has helped him become more creative in teaching.” 

English Teaching Program for Tour Guides

We also provide an English for Tourism training program for teachers who want to become tour guides. Teachers can be English teachers during the weekdays and tour guides on the weekends. Hopefully, through this training program, our tourist attractions will become more popular among the foreign tourists and boost our economic growth at the same time” said Mr.Agung.

To learn more about our English teacher training programs send a message to +62818888887 or

Online English Course Palu

Are you looking for the best English course at Palu? Do you want to speak English with confidence? Do you want to expand your business and improve your career? Since Covid 19, English Today has switched all classes to our online format using Zoom and you can now choose your preferred English teacher from anywhere in Indonesia. At English Today Online, you will not only learn English but also learn how to boost your career and expand your opportunities. 

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