Business English Palangkaraya

If you want to advance your career and business, you’ll need to learn Business English. English Today now opens in Palangkaraya to facilitate your Business English learning that is carefully designed to meet your needs.
Whatever your business challenges are, English Today offers English programs with various business focuses. Don’t worry if our English program is not what you expect. We also customize materials based on your demand, because our goal is to create a learning session that will highly contribute to your business improvement.

A Wide Range of Practical English Training

At English Today Palangkaraya, we provide a wide-range of applied English training sessions relevant to your business and career needs. Some of our premium quality English training include the following:

English for Business Reports

English Class with BNI Palangkaraya

Write business reports accurately, effectively and magnificently with this special training program. Our English tutors would be delighted to teach you how to overcome every obstacle in business report writing and how to proofread your business reports accurately. Join our English for business reports training now only at English Today Palangkaraya.

Effective Meeting

This program was specifically designed for those who often participate or even conduct business meetings in English. In this training program, you will not only learn to speak fluently but you will also learn about cross cultural understanding and business ethics in a global scope.

English Camp     

Now, you can learn English intensively while being surrounded with a breath-taking scenery. Get multiple benefits from just a single English training program named as English Camp at English Today Palangkaraya. In addition, two of the government institutions have entrusted us to hold an English Camp for them. Here are some of our visual documentations of our English Camp programs:

English Camp with Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan

English Camp with Kementerian BUMN

Our Excellence

We always provide time and opportunity for each of our course participants to improve their speaking skills in every English program that we conduct. It is our excellence that you wouldn’t find at any other English language courses. We truly understand the importance of English speaking skills in your professional interactions. Therefore, we always ensure that each of our English courses will allow you to practice your English speaking skills.

Private English Lessons in Palangkaraya

Besides in-house company English training, we also provide private English lessons in Palangkaraya for those who want to get practical English learning materials and enroll in a time-saving English learning program with us. Moreover, you can also decide your learning schedule, even your private English tutor (native or local). Consult English Today to get more information about our private English courses.

Online English Language Course in Palangkaraya

We also provide online English language course in Palangkaraya. There are two different options, which include the following:
1. VIP Skype/Zoom
This program is specifically designed for those who would like to acquire English skills with ease, anytime, anywhere, ranging from business English, conversational English to General English. You can enjoy this program by investing IDR 1 million*. You can learn English interactively with the help of our professional English tutors via Skype or Zoom.
2. Connected General English
This program is an ideal choice for you who are willing to improve your English skills with a super affordable price anywhere and anytime by only investing IDR 1 million/4 months.
For more information about our online English courses, visit our website

Stages of Consultation with English Today

Excited to start your Business English training with us? Read on to learn about the stages of consultation at English Today. These stages are essential to make sure that our program will be perfectly suited to your needsand wants. Moreover, we maintain our commitment to ensure that you will get the utmost learning result once you entrust us as your English training provider. Here are the stages of consultation with English Today Palangkaraya:

Stage of Consultation English Course Palangkaraya

Learning Method at English Today

We excel in giving an interactive and effective English learning method. At English Today Palangkaraya, we use a different method from the conventional English learning one that you received at school or university; if you usually listen to the teacher’s explanation and practice your English skills with written exercises, we provide you with a completely different learning approach through interactive and dynamic English games, group discussions and quizzes that will enable you to acquire real-life English skills.
Here’s a comparison of the traditional English learning method and our English learning method at English Today Palangkaraya:

Ineffective Traditional Teaching Method

Teaching Method English Course in Palangkaraya

Ineffective Traditional Teaching Method

Teaching Method English Course in Palangkaraya

Our method is called as the‘ reverse 20-80’, in which the portion of our English teacher to talk is 20% of total learning duration and 80% is the time for students to speak and apply learning materials through various interactive learning exercises. The effectiveness of this method has been proved by more than 150,000 of our English course participants nationwide, who have successfully attained native-like English proficiency with this method. This method allows you to speak English naturally and confidently because in every session, our English teacher will give you the opportunity to speak English.
Enroll in one of our premium quality English training programs now and get all the benefits only at English Today Palangkaraya.
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