English Teacher Training in Bangka

Hello future teachers in training! Do you aspire to be a teacher who can deliver the right materials with the right teaching method? Do you wish to inspire and empower your students throughout their journey in learning English?
Are you looking for a trusted English teacher training provider in Bangka?
You have come to the right place. Train with us at English Today Bangka Belitung.
Here are the programs and benefits that you will attain once you decide to join us!

Learning Method at English Today

At English Today Bangka Belitung, we use a revolutionary and effective English learning method. With English Today Bangka Belitung, you will be trained on how to become a better English teacher by applying a ‘reverse 80-20’ method in your classroom. This method is known to be dynamic and interactive, enabling the students to make progress significantly and quickly. Here are the schemes of the traditional English learning method compared to our reverse 80-20:

Teaching Method English Course in Bangka Belitung

Stages of Consultation at English Today

The stages of consultation at English Today consist of several steps. The stages include a comprehensive assessment of English skills aspects to ensure that our program will totally meet your expectations. In addition, we continuously maintain our commitment to give the ultimate English learning results for you. Here are the stages of consultation at English Today Bangka Belitung:

Stage of Consultation English Language Course in Bangka Belitung

Our Partnership Program

In 2018, we were honored to conduct an English teacher training program for more than 50 English teachers in Bangka Belitung. The program was initiated by the governor of Bangka Belitung, Mr. Erzaldi Rosman Djohan, as an effort to improve the English education quality in Bangka Belitung archipelago. Here are a few of the documentations taken from our English teacher training program in Bangka Belitung:

Teacher Training Program with English Today Bangka Belitung

Bangka English Teachers Training Program with English Today Bangka Belitung

Diverse English Learning Programs at English Today Bangka Belitung

Besides English teacher training program, we also provide diverse English learning programs at English Today Bangka Belitung. Some of our English learning programs are the following:

Effective Meeting

This program is an ideal choice for you who often conduct business meetings with foreign business clients and partners. Make your meeting effective with this English training program with the help of our professional English tutors at English Today Bangka Belitung.

Socializing Confidence

This program is specifically designed for you who often interact with clients, business partners, and board of directors from overseas. You will be taught to speak English more confidently and also understand interaction patterns from various cultures.

English Negotiation Skills

This is a special training program for you who often negotiate with clients from various countries. Make every business negotiation successful with excellent negotiation skills only at English Today Bangka Belitung.

Private English Course in Bangka Belitung

Apart from offering an in-house English training to corporates, we also provide private English courses in Bangka Belitung with a perfectly tailored English learning program that match your learning needs and wants. Moreover, you are free to choose your learning location and your private English tutor and more importantly, you can also ask three friends to learn English together. Register for our private English language course now.

Online English Practice in Bangka Belitung

We also provide online learning platform if you want to get an online English practice in Bangka Belitung. There are two learning options:
  1. VIP Skype/Zoom

This is an ideal program for you who are willing to learn English interactively via Skype or Zoom with an experienced English tutor. You can choose the program ranging from business English, conversational English to general English. Besides, you can enjoy this program by only investing IDR 1 million*. You don’t need to attend an English course and be stuck in traffic, because you can simply learn anywhere and anytime.
  1. Connected General English

If you want to learn English at a super affordable price and a premium quality program, this program is obviously an ideal choice for you. By only investing IDR 1 million/4 months, you can learn English wherever and whenever you want with our online platform.
More details about our online session: www.english-today-online.com
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