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English Today is a movement that attracts the elite teachers from all around Indonesia our Bangka Belitung Branch is no exception. A-Grade trainers = A- Grade results
English Today is a movement that attracts the Bangka Belitung Branch is no exception. A-Grade trainers = A- Grade results
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Are you looking for the Best English Course Bangka Belitung has to offer?
English Today Bangka Belitung has everything YOU need!

English Course in Bangka

Are you looking for English course in Bangka? Are you willing to improve your English as well as develop your careers, improve your businesses and get scholarships in the foremost universities in the world such as Oxford university, Cambridge University even Harvard University? This is the best place for you to reach those dreams!
English Today now available in Bangka Belitung. As one of the most trusted English courses in Indonesia, we provide wide variety of English learning programs to fulfill your every needs from business, academic and even career purposes.

Our Partnership Program

Recently, we have a partnership program with the governor of Bangka Belitung, Mr. Djohan to conduct a teacher training program for more than 100 English teachers in Bangka Belitung. This partnership program was initiated by the governor as one of his efforts to transform Bangka Belitung archipelago as international tourism region.
Here’s the complete story from a member of our team in Bangka Belitung:
Bangka Belitung,the famous archipelago for its sweet snack “martabak manis” now has been transforming to be world class tourism
  • To increase knowledge of the participants about tourism industry

    In order to achieve this purpose, English Today’s instructors will be giving English for Tourism training to the participants.

  • To improve English learning quality at middle and high schools in Bangka Belitung

    The participants will be taught about the most effective English teaching methods and how to enhance students’ interactions in learning process. English Today will teach the participants about 80:20 teaching methodology, the most revolutionary English teaching method in Indonesia. Besides, class management & 6 pillars of character will be discussed in this training program.

  • To enhance regional pride

    The participants will be trained how to promote tourism objects in Bangka Belitung through social media& other digital platforms such as websites& blogs with our brand ambassador, Mr.Dennis who has 1 million followers on his Instagram.

A participant from SMA THB Pangkal Pinang, Sri Rustina said
“I’m so glad to be the part of this program. I hope I can improve and learn more about becoming better English teacher for all my students and also to promote our tourism objects to the world.”

Diverse English Trainings

At English Today Bangka Belitung, we provide diverse English trainings to fulfill your every need. Some of them are:
  • English Camp
  • English for Tourism
  • General Business English
  • Online English Course on english-today-online.com
  • TOEFL/IELTS Preparation
  • Private English Lessons
  • VIP Telephone and Teleconference
Do you want to get the best English learning mentor? Do you want to speak English with confident? Do you want to have fun while learning English? Come and join us at English Today Bangka Belitung!
For more information,
please call our number (021) 2856 5313

English Teacher in Bangka

If you want to enrich your knowledge in English, this English teacher in Bangka would like to help you. Let’s get to know more about Mr. Pramana, our valuable teaching member at English Today Bangka Belitung with reading throughout our interview with him:
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English Today Online

The most effective way to speak English with confidence is direct practices. Do you remember when you were learning English at school? You can learn the most difficult grammar in English, you can learn to memorize every single word in English but without practicing those things, you won’t be fluent to speak in English.

Learning English is like body shaping training at the gym, you won’t get the ideal body shape if you come to the gym once a week. When you’re learning English it has to be the part of your daily life to get the maximum result and be more confident to speak in English and there’s no other way but practice speaking in English daily. With only one hour per day of practicing to speak in English, you will be able to be a fluent English speaker.

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Business English

English Today has informative and friendly teachers, they also are mastering teaching methods that enable us to understand the materials and they truly understand what I need in learning English besides the materials were arranged accordingly and easy to understand.

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Business English

General English

Corporate Climbers

English Today Online

IOM choose English Today from the tender because of their teachers’ CELTA Cambridge English literature and linguistics qualifications which were very impressive. We were so happy with English Today that we signed seven contracts over a 9 month period. These included TOEFL training, Business English, General English and Essay Writing. We highly recommend English Today.
Albert Harmono, International Organization for Migration (IOM)
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We sponsored a friend from Lombok to take a 3-month hospitality English course with English Today. ET took the time to understand what we actually wanted to achieve from the course and providing a number of solutions. incredibly flexible in making time to understand what we actually wanted to achieve from the course.
Daniel Butt, Leighton Contractors
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English Today is a great solution for me to enhance my English. I have more confidence when I have to meet my clients from Singapore and Australia because now I can speak English fluently. I took English For Business Class with Matthew was a teacher. Thank you ET!
William Gunawan, WitieStudio Website Solution
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English Today has provided Lotte Mart Indonesia with both native and Indonesian teachers. Mr Matthew taught me private conversation lessons, during which he became my friend, not just my teacher. I highly recommend English Today to anyone wishing to improve their English
Mr Moon, Lotte Mart Indonesia President