English Teacher in Jambi

A professional English teacher will be able to teach effectively and cultivate students’ interest to English. This man is a professional English teacher in Jambi who would like to help you to improve your English skills and enhance your career. Read throughout this article and find out more about Mr. Junaidi’s teaching strategies:

English Today : How long have you lived in Jambi?
Mr. Junaidi : I’ve lived in Jambi for 18 years

English Today : How long have you been teaching English?
Mr. Junaidi : I have been teaching English for 10 years.

English Today : Why did you choose to teach English?
Mr. Junaidi : I chose to teach English because I noticed that there are a lot of people still confused and burdened with book-based English learning method. I would like to make English easier to understand and to learn about for others especially Jambi’s citizens.

English Today :  What are activities that you provide to enhance your students’ creativity?
Mr. Junaidi : I provide them with interactive games such as word-banking, group sketching and forced connections. Those activities are effective to enhance their creativity.

English Today : As we know, speaking is the biggest issue for most of English learners in Indonesia. As an English teacher, what are practical measures that you apply to improve your students’ speaking skills?
Mr. Junaidi : I motivate them to speak English with giving some conversation topics that are relevant to their daily lives and I ask them work in pair to make the conversation and talk to their partner according to the topic that I gave them.

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English Course in Jambi

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